What Is Your Favourite Nigerian Meal And How Do You Prepare It?

Nigeria is home to some of the most exotic cuisines in Africa and the world at large. Ranging from Traditional foods to even quick snacks, otherwise known as 'street food', Nigerians are truly a force to reckon with when it comes to food preparation and presentation.

So, which Nigerian Meal do you love the most and how do you prepare it or how do you get it rather? 

As for me, I am a huge fan of our Jollof Rice and Pounded Yam and i like it well prepared by people around me or one of the best restaurant out there. On the other hand, i go to market, get the ingredient and give to anyhow who i am sure knows how to prepare it for me or otherwise prepare by myself.

Kindly drop yours in the comment clicking on reply button below. Share with us your favourite Nigeria meal and how you prepare it with photo.

Let the fun begin!!!

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  • Hhhaaa..... To mention what my favourite food is not so difficult but preparing it is kind of difficult, I know it will be a kind of easy food for the ladies to prepare, so let me just mention it, it's amala and ewedu soup, with some nice fish, to prepare the amala,boil the water to hundered degree and the you pour the yam flour powder into the water and stir together until its smooth, then you add some water to it again and steam it for some minutes and the turn it together again till it smooth

    - Adebayo Gbenga - 2019-09-27 19:11:34 Quote

  • Cat Fish pepper soup

    Below is how I prepare it....

    1.wash fish and cut into pieces

    2. Pound fresh pepper,with garlic and ginger

    3. Put No 2 in a pot,add onga stew,water,salt,maggi,and onions.

    4. Put on fire.when it boils

    5. Add the fish and cover it to boil

    6.wash and cut scent leaves,add...

    That's all.  Enjoy with a soft drink..

    - Deborah joel - 2019-09-27 19:20:10 Quote

  • Wow.. This is an amazing opportunity for people to share there opinion,  Well my favorite meal is Beans.. 

    It so easy to prepare we all know beans is a protenious which helps us to grow healthy.. Before u prepare it 

     Firstly you have to pick thoroughly by removing diets in the beans.. 

    Secondly you boil your water,l. Make sure it is well boiled. 

    Thirdly you pour your beans inside the water,  leave it for some minutes,  probably 15 mins.. After then, you pour your salt,  palm oil,  and everything u need to put inside. Then after 20mins, yummy our delicious beans is ready

    - Segun Oluwagboye - 2019-09-27 19:24:27 Quote

  • My Nigeria favourite meal is okro soup and EBA you prepare it by slicing okoro onion and some other things the ingredients needen are meat,okoro,onion,pepper,vegetables leaves,palm oil,salt,seasoning, stock fish,ice fish

    You prepare it by heating your palm oil add onoins when it is hot fry for some minutes add water then add the above ingredients to your desired quantity and cook for 20minutes then your okoro soup is ready for eba

    - Okereke Nzubechi Divine - 2019-09-27 19:42:22 Quote

  • For me, I prefer fried rice.

    First perboil the rice to a certain degree of softness and wash away the starch.

    Then if you have your chopped carrots, omiono or sweet potatoes, green pepper, you fry them with groundnut oil with curry into a sauce.

    Then mix your rice in the fried sauce and let it steam.

    Best eaten on Sundays with a beer or malt.

    - Victor Ifeanyi - 2019-09-27 19:46:51 Quote

  • Rice and stew


    Rice, pepper,fish,egg, cowskin,meat or frozen,salt, Maggi, palm oil or groundnut oil,

    First, get the pot on fire, put in the pot water and then cover it let it boil. Get your Rice and then water it the pour it to the boiling water, then add salt to it, so cover it and leave it till the rice is well cooked. After that you have your Rice done. 


    Get a pot on fire and then pour the oil base on the content of the grounded pepper then let it get out. After that pour the already grounded pepper (pepper, tomatoes and onions) to it and then add a little water and then add salt and Maggi base all base on the measure of the pepper then leave it for a while. After some minutes add any of the protein (egg,meat,fozen foods) then leave it to be well cooked.

    You can always serve your Rice and Stew with any chill soft drinks

    - Yusuff Lateef - 2019-09-27 19:48:32 Quote

  • Mine is pounded yam because that's our best food in ekiti.😋 

     1. Bring out your tubers of yam and cut it to your desire sizes 

    2. Put no 1 in a pot add some water that you know will cook it

    3. Check if it's done while your checking bring out your mortal and pestle to rinse 

    4. If it's done put it one by one inside the mortal to pound it, that is why Jr's called pounded yam... .

    5. After you've pounded everything now mix it with hot water so as to be hot 

    6. After everything is done then you can serve with your prepared soup....

    7. Enjoy 

    - Ayanfeoluwa Adeniyi - 2019-09-27 20:10:52 Quote

  • My own is Okwo food. It is prepared with water yam, Coco yam as the main product. Peel your yam, after which you glind it . Spread it out on Coco yam leaf . After which you use palm fronds to tie up loose ends. Put it in the pot and cook for an hour. It's done. Allow it to cool then cut it into piece. Mix red oil, onions,pep pepper , garlic and ginger, salt to taste. Food is ready

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-09-27 20:23:28 Quote

  • My favourite food is Noodles,peppery noodles to be precise...

    Firstly we are gonna per boil the noodles

    Grate your pepper alongside with onions aside,

    When the noodles is per boiled,pour into a seive,

    Pour oil in the pot and pour your onion and pepper,let it fry a lil ,pour the noodles ingredients inside and stir,then pour your noodles and stir for the ingredients to sink.

    You can add a lil water .When the water is dry ,your delicious noodles is ready😊

    - Owofadeju Desola - 2019-09-27 20:24:32 Quote

  • My best food is noodles

    I like my noodles with boiled egg

    You boil the egg for some minutes before you break the noodles up inside the boiling water or put it as a whole.

    Leave 2 boil for  2 minutes add red pepper or powder chilli pepper 

    Add curry and thyme 

    Add little vegetable oil

    Cut some carrots if available and some onions

    Then finally pour the seasoning powder and leave to simmer on low heat.

    I dont like my noodles completely dry so i leave little water

    - Adediran Oluwagbenga - 2019-09-27 20:28:53 Quote

  • My favorite meal is just noodles

    1.i put the raw noodles in the pot  firstly

    And with some little water in it.

    2.and than add some noodles spice in the noodles when boiling it

    3.and than after that you can add your raw egg missed with your tomatoes e.t.c

    4.than wait for some seconds after you have put the eggs and others. Than your noodles is now served. 

    - Berni Bae - 2019-09-27 20:29:41 Quote

  • I prefer fried rice.

    First boil the rice to a certain degree of softness and wash away the starch.

    Then if you have your chopped carrots, omiono or sweet potatoes, green pepper, you fry them with groundnut oil with curry into a sauce.

    Then mix your rice in the fried sauce and let it steam.

    Best eaten on Sundays with a beer or malt.

    - Kwembe Sunday aondowase - 2019-09-27 20:32:52 Quote

  • Potato porridge 

    Recipe:- Palm oil, potato,salt,maggi,crayfish, vegetable, pepper, tomato paste(optional), smoked fish

    Wash your potatoes

    Put the pot on fire and when it's hot enough you put your palm oil and do not bleach the oil and then put onion, pepper, then your crayfish, maggi and allow it to steam then put your potato...along the line put your fish and for like 20mins just put your vegetable and you are good to go

    - Christian Onwuka - 2019-09-27 20:37:06 Quote

  • My favorite Nigerian meal is jollof rice

    you can prepare it by:

    removal of weed in the rice

    boil water and cook the rice for about ten minutes after which you bring it down and wash it again 

    boil water and cook the rice again this time adding salt,maggi,onions, crayfish, pepper, and other ingredients after which you will wait for the water to dry up and you will have your delicious jollof rice

    - Nwuzor Arinze - 2019-09-27 20:42:27 Quote

  • Mine is Ora soup. Best eaten among Igbo ethnics in Nigeria. Ingredients include; coc.oyam, Ora leaf, Meat, Ogiri, palm oil, crayfish, Maggi, pepper, salt, water, uziza leaf, stock fish and dryfish.  It is prepared by first boiling and grinding the cocoyam. Boiling the meat, and adding other ingredients stage by stage.add the grinded cocoyam inside the pot containing the boiled meat with enough water, add oil and other ingredients,  The Ora leaf is added last and the soup is ready to be served with fufu.

    - Okonkwo Blessing - 2019-09-27 21:06:27 Quote

  • Mine is Ora soup. Best eaten among Igbo ethnics in Nigeria. Ingredients include; coc.oyam, Ora leaf, Meat, Ogiri, palm oil, crayfish, Maggi, pepper, salt, water, uziza leaf, stock fish and dryfish.  It is prepared by first boiling and grinding the cocoyam.add the grinded cocoyam inside the pot containing the boiled meat with enough water, add oil and other ingredients,  The Ora leaf is added last and the soup is ready to be served with fufu.

    - Okonkwo Blessing - 2019-09-27 21:07:30 Quote

  • My favorite food is plantain and egg, yummy right?😋


    Plantain,eggs(3), vegetable oil,pepper, tomatoes,onion,and salt


    Cut the plantain into a bowl and then you put the fry pan on the stove

    You place the plantain in the fry pan and wait till is golden not burnt

    After that you slice up your veggies and put it in the fry pan to cook a little and you crack the eggs ,whisk it and add a pinch of salt

    After that you pour the whisked eggs into your pan and fry it's is cooked which is about 2-3mins

    Serve it with a glass of water

    - Okafor Ifeoma - 2019-09-27 21:10:39 Quote

  • My favorite food is beans. I prefer to cook it agoyin with stew.

    Firstly pick the beans, boil your water and pour the rinsed picked beans inside. When it's done, mash it mildly.

    For the stew, heat palm oil, add your diced onions and leave to simmer a bit. Then you put the grinded fresh pepper with no tomatoes. Add seasoning and salt to taste with smoked fish and chopped ponmo.

    Your delicious meal is ready😋

    - Abimbola Jemilat - 2019-09-27 21:34:52 Quote

  • Wow, for me the best Nigeria food that I like is Yam and Egg. How to prepare it was very simple...Yam,Eggs,Pepper, Onions Groundnut oil, Titus,Salt,and Maggi.

    *Slice the pieces of Yam you can eat 

    *Wash it with water and arrange it inside the cooking pot, add little water to it, add salt and you can slice onion to it, put it on fire for it to cook for 25 to 30 minutes. When it done put it done, next to prepare your Egg.

    *Egg preparation

    Like two to four Eggs it's ok, break and he eggs in a small bowl, put your friend pan on the cooking gas,add Groundnut oil to it let it hot ,add your slice Pepper with onion to it,add your Titus to it put salt and Maggi to it,let it stew together for 5sec,add your eggs to it,stir it together like 2sec. You food is ready to eat and you will enjoy it.

    - Oluwayemisi Adebisi - 2019-09-27 21:38:05 Quote

  • My best meal is yam añd egg.  

    We need: yam,egg,pepper,onions,tomato,groundnuts oil,sardine


    1,cut and peel the yam into a bowl

    2wash the yam thoroughly into a pot

    3,put the pot  on the stove and add water with salt smd set to boil for some minute

    For your fried egg

    1, dice your onion,tomatoes,pepper together

    2,heat your oil on the stove and add your dice pepper,tomatoes,onion,fish with seasoning

    3,whisk your egg and add it to the sauce

    Your ysm and egg is ready

    Serve with chilled juice

    - Miftaudeen Hamdalat Opeyemi - 2019-09-27 21:56:47 Quote

  • My favorite meal is okro soup and Fufu. I will first steam my meat,  fish add salt,  Maggi and Benny then after some time I add ogbono, onion,  oil and steam for some time,  then  add okro, and vegetable then put it down from the fire and serve. 

    - Okwute Chinecherem - 2019-09-27 21:59:03 Quote

  • My favourite Nigerian food is ikokore


    Water yam, pepper, Cray fish, salt, red oil, maggi, fish, meat or ponmo depenr ng on ur choice


    GrateGrate the water yam first and mix it salt to blend

    Put the pot on fire, add little water with pepper, then cover till it cook well

    Put the water yam inside the cooked pepper by cutting it small by small

    Allow to cook well

    Add all other ingredients like salt, fish, ponmo, red oil etc to taste nice, allow it cook well then put it done, our food is ready (ikokore)

    - Adesanya Yemisi - 2019-09-27 22:06:49 Quote

  • My favorite food is yam and egg. 

    1. Pill the yam and cut it into big or small size I love big size

    2.wash with a clean water twice 

    3. Prepare you pot and drop you yam inside add a little salt and water

    4. Leave for like 20min its done

    And to prepare egg

    Break the egg, mix it with Maggie, salt, onion, pepper , and if u like milk. Then pour it on the hot oil then mix to avoid burning 

    - Jeremiah Adebowale - 2019-09-27 22:11:03 Quote

  • Mine Is very simple and a easy but best food to eat and its just BEANS

    Firstly you boil d water to some extent then you pour the beans inside and dont forget to put onions so dat you can have the best of what is goin to bring when its done.

    So after maybe when u leave it on fire for like an hour then u can put the source (magi,salt,pepper,and palm oil....then leave it for some minute your food is served very delicious

    - Yomi Clout - 2019-09-27 22:11:56 Quote

  • Wow... My favourite meal is Indomie and boiled egg...

    Sometimes my Mom would ask me how can a man like you come out and say that Indomie is his best food, but I don't care and I do tell her that it's very easy to cook and I enjoy it every time... Watch out as I explain how I cook my Indomie with boiled egg.

    Ingredients- Indomie (super pack), Onions, pepper, Spices, tomatoes. 

    Preparation- boil your water and allow it to get hot, then put your Indomie, mix ur spices with onions, tomatoes and pepper and pour it on the pot. Allow it to boil till every water in it dries up... Then you can now boil your egg for 10 minutes... Food served... Yummy 

    - Egeonu Wisdom - 2019-09-27 22:21:39 Quote

  • One of, my favorite food is "atama"

    Atama is just one of them

    There are different ways of preparing atama. But I'll put the simplest one 

    Ingredients; atama leaves, okro, crayfish, pepper, perriwinkle, stock fish, dried fish, meat, Maggi, canda

    You prepare everything then steam the meat and every other protein you're using for the soup. Then wash the leaves in hot water just once 

    Add water for the soup in the stock, add your okro when the water boils, put your seasonings. Then add the leaves, boil for like 3minutes, mix the broth and viola the soup is ready to eat with fufu or garri or wheat

    - Jones Isaac - 2019-09-27 22:25:24 Quote

  • My favorite meal is white rice and garnished fish pepper stew. Let prepare the stew before cooking the rice 

    1.We get our stew ingredients like pepper, tomatoes,onions, seasoning, fish e.t.c

    2.Remove the stalk and wash the pepper and tomatoes very well

    3.Grate the pepper,onion and tomatoes.

    4.Hit a clean pot after rinsing it, then pour the groundnut oil before pouring to fry the fish of which the grated pepper and tomatoes will follow once we are through with that 

    5.The pepper will be fried to required taste 

    6.Fry for minutes before adding the seasoning, salt and other  things 

    7.It is prepared by going through the following :

    1.Place a bowl of water in a clean pot on a moderate lit cooker. 

    2.After about ten minutes of boiling the water, wash neatly the cups of rice to be cooked by adding salt to taste . 

    3.After about thirty to forty-five minutes of boiling the rice,with confirmation that it is best cooked,get a sieve to drain the water off the rice.

    Then the rice is ready. 

    - Adeniyi Ebenezer - 2019-09-27 22:34:39 Quote

  • I love amala with ewedu(jews mellow) 

    Amala is made for a yam flour. First you need to boil water until it very hot .Then take the yam powder to a clean bowl and add the hot water to the flour. Then turn with a turning stick.This is done until it solidifies.

    For the ewedu,the weedy keep is been plucked and cuttd 

    - Tomiwa olonade - 2019-09-27 22:37:26 Quote

  • My favourite meal is spagetthi and the cooking goes thus... I first fry the pepper i want to use. Put my season and groundnut oil. Then chop the spags into smaller quantities and put it on fire with little water. Then wait for some time and then food is ready

    - Oluwakemi Zainab - 2019-09-27 22:38:17 Quote

  • If it’s to mention ehnnn I love ponded yam with vegetables but if it’s to prepare I haven’t tried  preparing the vegetables but I can pound yam so well. Though i have idea of the ingredients for preparing the vegetables but I haven’t tried it before.

    - David Olatunbosun - 2019-09-27 22:58:56 Quote

  • Normally, my best food meal is bread and tea but my favorite Nigerian traditional dish is fufu and egusi soup

    I've never prepared it by myself although I know the various techniques of cooking it but I prefer my mum cooking it because she's awesome at it

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-09-27 23:03:34 Quote

  • One of my favourite food is fried yam. I just peel the yam slice it and garnish it with all sort of seasoning. I love my fried yam dried and crunchy. I eat  with sauce, ketchup or egg. It's quite easy to prepare and taste good in the mouth. 

    - Mofolu Ayo - 2019-09-27 23:30:25 Quote

  • I really dont have a beat food but as an Edo boy I have no option than to fall in love with pounded yam and egusi food the only problem is that as a Lagos boy who never learnt how to pound yam with mortal and pestle it's always ends as a wish whenever I feel like eating it 

    - Agbozie Daniel - 2019-09-27 23:30:36 Quote

  • To me nothing can beat confirm pottage. Its actually a very simple meal to prepare. You will need Yam,ponmo,assorted meat,onions,vegetable if necessary and either palm oil or vegetable oil.

    First you boil your water and while the water is boiling,you slice your yam into small cubes and also slice the meat and chop the vegetable. When the water is boiled pour the yam into it and let it sit for a while,then you add palm oil and salt to taste and also leave for some minutes to cook then you add the sliced meat and vegetable and mix properly and leave it to cook until it gets thick.

    - Elijah ajayi - 2019-09-28 00:25:29 Quote

  • My best food is bread and beans .yeah its sound hilarious.Lauging out loud.

    If you a guy and you don't like bread and beans at all.not even close to liking beans.you have missed road.better start eating cause beans increases growth of the buman body by giving us necessary nutrients to do work at all time

    - Olanrewaju Raymon - 2019-09-28 00:39:10 Quote

  • My favourite food is  Yam Porridge

    Kitchen Utensils: Knife, Tray, Pot, Wooden spoon.

    1. Peel and cut your yam into smaller sizes and inside the tray to avoid stain 

    2. Pour water inside the pot on the stove or gas cooker 

    3. Rinse your yam and put the slice inside the pot

    4. While boiling add sugar and salt

    5. Grind your pepper, cut your smoked fish into desired size or dice your meat, cow skin

    6. When yam is getting soft, pour the grind pepper, palm oil, fish/cow skin or meat into the pot...

    7. Let them mix properly, when you noticed the yam with the other ingredients has become thick them. You can now use your wooden spoon to mash and mix together

    8. After that leave it for 2mins, drop the pot

    9. Delicious yam porridge is ready.. Serve hot with vegetable soup.

    - Bibire Ibrahim - 2019-09-28 00:39:35 Quote

  • My favorite food is semovita and groundnut soup.

    Procedure oh how I make my soup

    I grand pepper,onions,locust beans,and crayfish together,then pour it in a pot,add water into it and my dryfish,then add my granded groundnut,palmoil,and maggi.

    Then wash my greenleaf wit hot water and salt,after that i pour it into the other ingredients in the pot after few minutes I bring it down and serve my soup is ready.

    You can use the same soup for mass.

    - Nuhu Rita Abe - 2019-09-28 00:44:13 Quote

  • My favorite Nigerian mean is Eva and it isn’t not difficult to prepare,just boil water to it so maximum boiling point then pour Harrison in ti then stair well till it becomes solid then you add a bit of more water so it doesn’t get too hard then stair again till it becomes soft and palatable.It is best prepared in bowl or pot that is on or off fire

    - Adekoya Adebola - 2019-09-28 00:44:50 Quote

  • Hmmm.... My best food is actually a unique one though I guess only few will love you have but trust me it's the best food I know so far. Actually, my best food is Boiled Plantain and Vegetable Soup. The preparation of this isn't a long time process, but it's needs a lot of hard work in as to show the delicacy in it. Here's how you prepare a Boiled Plantain and Vegetable soup ;

    Firstly, you peel off the plantains, then you slice it in a chubby size (not too small and not too big), then you put the sliced chubby Plantain in a pot then put about 4-5cups of water in as to make the Plantain soft and boils well, then you add a little salt of (1 teaspoon full) to give it nice taste. After that, you leave the pot of Plantain for about 15-20 mins to boil very well, then you check out the Plantain if it's soft to your desire. After that you drop the pot of Plantain and your Plantain is ready. Then, 

    Secondly, your vegetable soup to go with the Boiled Plantain. Get your vegetable chopped very well and nice, then you get your pepper (tomatoes, rodo and bawa) since it's going to be Efo riro. You grind your pepper not too smooth because it has be a stew. Then you get your meat, fish, crayfish, pomo etc to garnish the Efo riro(Vegetable soup). Since, all the necessary ingredients have been gotten then you start your preparation. 

    After grinding the pepper (remember not too smooth) you pour palm oil into a pot and heat it up to about 30 degrees, after heating  the palm oil up, you pour your grinded pepper into the hot palm oil to make the stew fried then you cover the pot and let the pepper heat and boil up for about 10-15 mins after doing that you add your spices i.e Maggi ( 3 cubes), salt (half teaspoon). Then you close the pot again for about another 10-15 mins so the spice will circulate round the stew and gives it a good taste after that you pour in your meat, fish, crayfish and pomo (NOTE: you've to wash them thoroughly) into the stew then close it again for they also heat up with the stew and make soft enough to eat after that, you pour in your parboiled vegetable into the stew and stir it very well then cover the pot again for 15-20 mins after that Efo riro is ready to be eaten. Then your serve both the Boiled Plantain and Efo riro (Vegetable soup) in one plate and don't forget to get a chilled refreshments too so as to cool your mind while eating. You can thank me later after you try this. 

    - Abayomi Ogunfuyi - 2019-09-28 00:45:28 Quote

  • My favorite food is beans and plantain. You start by picking stones and any other rubbish from the beans then put the beans in a pot and put water in it then turn in the fire. The water level should be well above the beans. After some time the beans should start getting soft then you put the beans in a filter. After that, out the beans in the pot and the water level should be slightly above the beans. Then you put in 2 teaspoons of salt (depending on the numbers of chips if beans you cooked) after that you put in like 2 teaspoons of pepper then you in crayfish and sliced Onion and by the time you are done with that the water would have started boiling so you now o put in Palm oil, stir and wait for the mixture to almost dry completely then you switch off your cooker and leave the pot of beans open till the little water solidifies. Then you fry plantain and you eat then together.

    - Rukky Ogor - 2019-09-28 03:49:58 Quote

  • My favourite Nigerian meal is poundedyam & egusi.

    1. Peel off the skin of the yam.

    2. Rinse well and cut into pieces

    3. Boil the yam till its soft ( don't put salt)

    4. Was the motar & pestle before use

    5. Put the cooked yam in the motar and start pounding gently then increase the rate.

    6. Pound till the yam is totally mixed, add little hot water then pound till it starts drawing or thick.

    7. Your delicious poundedyam is ready 

    - Adebisi Opeyemi - 2019-09-28 04:46:00 Quote

  • My best food is very simple, it is white rice and efo riro. How to cook the efo riro, rinse your already sliced vegetable rinse it with warm water (not boiled water). Then you get your iru, pepper, onions, fish, meat and ponmo with palm oil, all rinsed and ready to be cooked.

    First thing I do is to heat up my palm oil then pour my sliced onions into it, followed by my iru then my grated pepper after which I'll mix then add small water and Maggi plus a pinch of salt and cover it for free minutes for it to boil. Then, I'll add my ponmo, meat and fish into the pepper sauce, cover it again to steam together for few minutes too. After which I'll now add my vegetable bit by bit then stir it together and cover again for it to boil for a while. And my efo riro is ready..

    - Oluwakemi Shofuleji - 2019-09-28 06:21:05 Quote

  • My favorite Nigeria meal is eba and draw soup. Ingredients needed are ogbono pepper fish meat cray fish maggi garri water and salt. To make the ogbono soup we first fry the ogbono inside oil the mix with water then put the salt pepper and maggi allow it to boil for some time, before you add the meat and fish allow to boil for like 15 minutes then ur soup is ready for eat. Boil your water for your eba. 

    Eba and ogbono is ready

    - Usman Aliyu - 2019-09-28 10:16:10 Quote

  • Amazing..when they say favorite food as for me I can't really tell but among all I prefer jollof rice and the procedure below shoes how I prepare it

    PROCEDURE:wash the meat and cut into pieces of desired size,place meat in a sauce pan and season with salt,onion,thyme and curry,boil meat until tender,grind/blend tomatoes and pepper,cut the remaining onions.

    -heat the oil,fry the cooked meat to a golden brown colour,add the onion,fry on a gently heat,add tomatoes,and other ingredients,fry gently about 10mins,add the meat stock and more water for the cooking of the rice.remove the stew from fire.

    Pour the boiled rice into the stew,add remaining water and salt.mix property,cook gently over low heat.add extra gradually if necessary until the rise is cooked.cook at low heat to avoid burning.serve hot

     This is how I prepare my favorite food

    - Abdulazeez Taibat - 2019-09-28 10:51:11 Quote

  • My best meal as a yoruba is pounded yam with grinded egusi with bitter leave already cut and bush meat

    This are ways we prepare it

    1) get the slice of the yam read with your melon seed and the fresh meat

    2) put a little water into your pot the put the slice yam in it for 20 to 30 min

    3) during that you have to boil your meat add the ingredent needed and boil it for 10 to 20 min

    4) grind some peper and put a fry pan on fire and been dry put some red oil in it for like 2min then add onions and then put the peper you grind and add salt, maggi, eru,etc

    5) after you add the melo seed (egusi)  leave it for some minute then you add the leave and the meat you boil your soup is ready.

    6) lastly after the yam is boil you will pound it in a moter and after it become soft it done

    your poundem yam is ready 

    - miracle bamigbala - 2019-09-28 11:05:58 Quote

  • my favourite food is fried plantain and its quite simple to prepare,the steps are as follows

    1)peel the plantain,slice into flat oval shapes

    2)put in a bowl sprinkle small salt on it and make sure it is evenly mixed

    3)put your fry pan on your source of heat,add groundnut oil

    4)Once the oil is hot add your plantain turn from side to side after some interval when it is done,remove from fire you are good to go,you can eat it with a nice cold drink

    - Emmanuel Enwefa - 2019-09-28 12:21:11 Quote

  • Mine Yam and Red Oil, funny right but I don't joke with it. I prepare it by first cutting the yam tuber into slices and peeling off the back.Wash it twice and put on fire with enough water. Boil for 30-45mins and your yam is ready.Then bring your red oil,put in plate and add necessary things like salt,onion,pepper etc. Then your Yam and Red oil is ready to he consumed.

    - Anadebe Franklin - 2019-09-28 13:40:29 Quote

  • Toast bread.

    Ingredients needed

    Eggs,butter,onions,pepper,4slices of bread and seasoning.


    Break the eggs inside a small bowl,whisk it,add pepper,onions and seasoning. Then spread the butter on each slice of bread.

    Heat the toaster for about 5mins. Then place the buttered side of each slice on the toaster,then add the egg fillings on the slice,place the second slice of each break at the top of the fillings with the buttered side up.

    Then close the toaster so the bread can toast for sometime,after some minutes,flip the bread so the other side can toast..

    In less that 7mins,food is ready. Yummy,i enjoy my toast bread with active juice.

    - Adeola Eunice - 2019-09-28 13:44:13 Quote

  • Efo riro

    Heat the palm oil for 1min and add onions and pepper mixture.fry for about 10mins

    Add whatever u want to put in the soup such as meat, fish and so on, also add Maggi, water, stir and allow to cook for 10mins

    Add leaves and salt to taste, stir, reduce heat and let it simmer for about 5mins

    Remove from heat and serve with obe-ata and pounded yam.

    Enjoy your meal

    - Masturoh Idris - 2019-09-28 15:20:54 Quote

  • Oil Rice (Native Rice)

    How To Prepare.

    1.Get a clean pot, pour palm oil, add your onion, locust beans(optional), grounded crayfish, pepper, seasoning, stir and add some water then allow to boil.

    2.Add your washed rice and allow it to cook for several minutes.

    3. When its almost dry, pour your smoked fish and vegetable and allow to simmer..

    When its done, stir and Enjoy with Fruit juice.😏

    - Lawrenta Ekhator - 2019-09-28 15:44:35 Quote

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