What Is Your Take On House-helps?

60% of rich homes have a house help, mostly female. In fact, it is now common even in middle-class homes. Some families prefer young girls while some families prefer well grown women, but either way, they do have a house-help.

In some cases, a house help assists in taking care of the house alone side her mistress; that is, she helps her boss in the kitchen, or assist her mistress for the laundry or help in the general cleaning of the house and also, help to run quick errands around the neighbourhood or to the market, also some families use their House help assists shop attendant too, that is, after the general work routine in the morning, she follows her boss to the store where she assists in satisfying the customers.

In some other families, the house help does all the work solely. She sweeps, cooks, prepares the kids for school, does the laundry or her own, she doesn't get any help from her mistress.

Now, we hear in the news daily shocking and surprising actions carried out by house helps while their boss is away. We have seen and heard cases where a house help beats her mistress' child to death, set the whole house on fire while her employers are away, steal valuables and make away with them.

Recently, a video went viral on social media. The source of the video was from a hidden camera which the owners
of the house had secretly planted when they had suspicions about their House help. The video showed the house help raising a little girl up and then slamming her hard on the ground. She did this four times before choking the baby to death. When she was captured, she confessed that she did it because the baby defecated after bathing her.

If we are going to examine this matter critically, we should look at it from the view of these houses because they are the ones who commit these crimes whether big or small, they are the ones who give reasons for the crimes whether sensible or nonsense reason.
Like I said earlier, there are many cases of these scenarios and in a cumulated research, it was discovered that these house help have 3 major common reasons they all give.

Note; this article is not to justify the action of criminals, but To Help families that can not do without house help.

These houses help claim to do what they do because they were trying to get back at their employers. Many times we hear issues where an employer will burn their House help with hot pressing iron because she broke just a plate. In another instance, a young girl was chained to the dog house because she had misplaced some amount of money and she was saved by a passer-by who heard her crying. Also, a young girl was beaten to death by the couples who employed her because she burnt clothes when she was ironing them.
Now, these punishments are way too much for such trivia offences. These young girls can be misled when they begin to think negative thoughts after you might have punished or accused them wrongly. It is advisable to love house helps and they would love us in turn.

This glitch is on the side of the house help. Originally, some girls are money-hungry, material-hungry and so they can't keep their eyes and hands off any shiny thing they see. Most of the time, this defect is something that may have been troubling them for a very long time, so when she is employed into the house and the families do not know, they discover that their valuables begin to miss. It is an act of stealing that can break the family apart because if the culprit is not fished out on time, there will be confusion and arguments in the home.

What should families do?
Make sure you have one hundred percent record of the history of the house help you're bringing into your home. If possible, get to meet her previous employers and ask every question you can think of; you need to know who you're bringing into your home.

You must know that once you bring in a stranger to live with you, take care of the house, cook your meals, babysit your kids, it means he or she is now a family. You must know that she is now one of your people but, the problem arises when you do not treat your house-help like family.
Some family would decide to eat out, go to the cinema, travel to a Reserve but they leave their House help all alone in the home.
This is in fact more serious if the house help is a young person, you must make them feel loved and they will not only serve you happily, but they will see you as their family too.

When you buy clothes for your kids, remember your house help too, ensure she has a good room and bed to sleep on, ensure that she gets all the rest she needs, make sure you are a boss, friend and family to your house help at the same time.
It is all about gaining each other's trust, then you can be sure your home is in the right hands.

However, some people do not buy the idea of having a house help in the house, for reasons known to them, what is Your Own take?


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  • I don't think a house help is a good idea for bring up strong and independent children as a house help will make them lazy without them doing house chores. On the other hand if you have to bring in a house help ensure its someone you know everything about or a relative from the village to be on a safer side.

    - John Olubowale - 2020-01-16 01:14:06 Quote

  • If youre going to hire a house help, treat her like a human not like the maid you think she is. I think if families are kind to them, they'll not want to harm them in any way.

    And then again, why hire a house help if you can take care of your home? Most of these househelps go into every home with an ulterior motive especially the rich homes. The ones with this mind set even if you're kind to them they won't value it because they have "bigger plans".

    - Bendel Sophia - 2020-01-16 20:12:55 Quote

  • For me I don't think house-help is needed, if you can't take care of your child or children yourself then why not get a normal family member who would leave with you and take care of your children while you are not around, or bettet still enrol them in a daycare

    - David Nnanna - 2020-01-19 22:33:27 Quote

  • As for me, l don't think house help of a thing is a good idea because most of them no matter what they are still wicked, so what is the point of having a wicked person around your children. Is better for you to do your thing yourself...may GOD help us and our children in the hand of wicked.

    - Jibola Ibrahim - 2020-01-27 10:40:14 Quote

  • From my own point of view. House help is not a bad idea. The reason behind house help is because you need help with what you're doing. But some people treat them like trash as if they are not human at all. What would it take to be nice to your house maid but majority of the rich people in our society sees them as animals and they treat them badly and when they decide to retaliate. That's the outcome, where we see house maid beaten child to death, running away with jewelry, burning the house down. Everyone has a breaking point 

    - Salami Jamiu - 2020-01-29 09:23:54 Quote

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