What's Your Music Taste?

I've been told a lot of times by my friends and people around me that I have a very great taste in music as regards the kind of tracks I play from any of my devices or any of my media storage systems. The problem here isn't about them actually complimenting me as such, but the fact that at the end of that phrase comes the clause, "but the kind of songs you listen to are boring!"

Whenever I hear this comments, it doesn't bother me, because in the entirety of the comment, it's true to them but after all, it's my device, "so how can you dictate the kind of songs I should have on any of them", I say to myself. I'm a very avid lover of music, just as everyone would also lay claims. The difference between me and otherusic lovers is that I first appreciate all genres of music. I love the extremely well composed and conducted classicals, countryside songs, R n B, hip-hop, pop, Afrobeats, Afropop, Alternative, Indie and folk, gospel, and all other kinds that's out there. I appreciate them first, then I shift through the lyrics and content of the track. If it strikes a cord on the first time hearing it, immediately, I look for how to download it. Sometimes, I let the song grow on me over time before I finally accept it, other times, I just hear the song and trash it straight away. This goes for both our local export and the global scene. I honestly do not discriminate!

Then I come to l think much more about it, in the most recent times, we've been bombarded by different ideas in the name of music via different artistes with their varying personalities as well. Has these then boarded up the ears of people, so that everytime they hear music playing, they just expect it to be one particular genre and specifically speaking, this expected genre is the street hop which has become overly popular and exciting with their mad beats and all. The thing with these kind of songs is that you only sing along to them and dance all the latest dance steps to them, after that, there's no more to them.

I want to keep ranting but I feel obligated to stop here and read up on your comments. What's your taste in music?

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  • Me too I love music and people get complain because of the kind of music am playing in my device, but am not listening to them, cause it my device and I love meaningful song, like lucky dube song all of them are meaningful the words can make someone cry, that wht music is life too

    - Morrison Preye - 2019-11-07 17:28:03 Quote

  • I listen to actually all genre's of songs and also depending on my mood right from gospel music to rap music, trap, Afro,country music, Fuji so there's no reason someone would say I listen to boring music cause you'll definitely find a genre you love on my device

    - Adesina Kehinde - 2019-11-09 06:12:59 Quote

  • I really love music so much that I don't even care about what anybody thinks about it anymore, the best kind of music I like playing from my device the most is hip hop, especially Nigerian hip hop and sometimes I also love playing Bob Marley and lucky dube then if I wish to be alone in the house I usually play blues. Those are the three types of music's I like playing. 

    - Eke obinna Richard - 2019-11-09 07:28:58 Quote

  • The little confusing thing about me is the kind of music I listen to and someone trying to judge me by it, I listen to rap when I'm vibing to the gym, I listen to gospel when I'm out to pray, I listen to rnb when I'm emotional and I love all the music I listen to. My mood coordinate my music genre.

    - Dominic Ozioma - 2019-11-09 21:59:40 Quote

  • Well basically, my taste of music is unique I must say.... I listen to all kinds of song.... I love good music..... I love classical music's a lot and a lot of times , people have.made awful comments concerning my taste.... They tell me its awkward ... I don't know good stuff but then again its my taste and I don't think I owe anyone an explanation for what I love

    - Collete Umeh - 2019-11-18 13:46:14 Quote

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