What The Third Party Should Not Know About Your Relationship

In every relationship, it is usually advisable to keep certain things confidential because you never can tell who is who. For every relationship to survive, here are some sensitive things that should not be discussed with the third party.


Financial Issues: Every relationship at one point in time would go through some financial breakdown, but tht does not call for alarm in any way. The two parties in the relationship could work towards optimizing their finances without necessarily telling the third party about their financial problem.


S*xual Life: In every relationship it is not advisable to tell the third party about your intimacy because that is your privacy. If for example you tell someone of how your partner performs in bed, the third party might use it to work against and probably betray you in the long run.



If your partner has any flaw, which is inevitable in every human, it is usually adviasble to talk to him/her about it, so that he/she could work on it rather than telling the third party about any flaws your partner has.


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  • It's very wrong to tell third party about your financial problems, intimacy with your partner and flaws of your partner, because some among them may be making jest of you with it at your absent 

    - Bello Muhammed Adewale - 2019-08-17 10:06:51 Quote

  • Thank you for this piece of information, I also think that the third party should not know anything about your general plans with your spouse

    - Oluchi Raychelle - 2019-08-17 10:09:10 Quote

  • True, third parties interference in relationships most times doesdmore harm than good, but there are aleaal two sides to every matter, though sensitive issue should be trashed out between partners without involving a third party but there are also times wbwh a relationship needs advise or suggestions from a neutral person, especially someone much older or a pastor

    - Elizabeth Daniel - 2019-08-17 10:13:41 Quote

  • Even without tell, you ought to keep your relationship affairs matters away from the third party. Without letting them interfere, you won't get bad advise.

    - Taiwo Dosu - 2019-08-17 10:15:16 Quote

  • Honestly, third party in most cases kill a relationship, couples should be smart enough to resolve their bugs.

    - Lubem Terzungwe - 2019-08-17 10:52:44 Quote

  • There are sometimes you'll need advices on your love life and what you have to do is to make sure you tell the right person 

    - Obaji ifeanyichukwu - 2019-08-17 11:43:59 Quote

  • Moreso, his/her dislike for one or some of your pals, private correspondence between the two of you, when your in-laws annoy you, etc., should not be disclosed to anyone...

    - Odusina Pelumi - 2019-08-17 12:14:48 Quote

  • Relationship without secrets is the best i tell you 

    - Kingsley Okorie - 2019-08-17 13:23:55 Quote

  • Moreso, his/her dislike for one or some of your pals, private correspondence between the two of you, when your in-laws annoy you, etc

    - Dominic Olah - 2019-08-17 13:42:52 Quote

  • I think u are right...but though not in all circumstances... Some partners would like u to share everything with them. 

    - TIMOTHY AUGUSTINE - 2019-08-17 15:22:49 Quote

  • This is reasonable. Overlooking each other's flaws. Talking something out can help. Understanding your mate sexual weakness and other things can help a relationship to last.

    - Wisdom Etim - 2019-08-17 16:50:02 Quote

  • It is very wrong to let a third party know what going on in your relationship cause he/she might use it to get it u whenever you guys have an argument

    - Hassan Adebayo - 2019-08-17 19:44:56 Quote

  • It is advisable to keep the third party from interfering in one's relationship, because their opinion always make the matter worst.

    Understanding is the bedrock of every relationship.

    - Caroline Yemisi - 2019-08-17 20:28:44 Quote

  • Of course. Third party shouldn't know anything about your relationship. What's there to know about? I've noticed that ladies fall victim to this. They always need someone who would advise them and they end up saying what they're not meant to say 

    - Chinaza Obinwa - 2019-08-18 01:14:24 Quote

  • I totally go against a 3rd party interfering in a relationship. I believe since they choose to be with each other, they should be able to settle any odds between themselves. 

    - Ezekiel Jonathan - 2019-08-18 08:38:29 Quote

  • It's not right to tell a third party about your financial problems, intimacy with your partner and flaws of your partner, because some among them may be making jest of you with it at your absent 


    - Michelle Ezinne - 2019-08-18 08:59:19 Quote

  • OK I also think Insecurity will naturally convert to a lack of trust in the relationship from one party and it will easily result in unreasonable behaviour so a third party shouldn't know that 


    Something he’s told you confidentially

    You know Trust is easy to lose and hard to get back,. If your partner tells you about a private issue—his mom’s breast cancer scare or a poor review at work for example—keep your mouth shut. He has opened up to you because he trusts you and your ability to keep what you’ve been told confidential. You don’t want to break that trust. “Trust is at the core of any relationship

    - Nora Chidera - 2019-08-19 07:41:55 Quote

  • It is also very wrong and dangerous to tell any third party what tunes your partner on the most because they can use it to manipulate them into certain actions.

    Moreso, it could be very disastrous to put your partner into test, using any third party because they might even win him/her over.

    - Bright Onwumere - 2019-08-19 09:16:30 Quote

  • That sex8*ual issue...

    Why should a third partner know about our s*x life

    - Emeka Cliff - 2019-08-19 12:05:41 Quote

  • It all depends, I dont totally agree with you what if you need some help that demand you discussing your financial status with the third party? Not in all.

    - Lenee Letura - 2019-08-19 16:50:18 Quote

  • Yes I agree it is wrong to let in a third party into your relationship matters. But atimes there's always a call for help. Imagine a situation a Fiance always Beat up his fiancee even when they've not being married!...the Lady might be so drenchee in lobe and she can't even see she needs to urgently, Drastically and sensibly withdraw from the courtship..with all Diligence!

    - Iyanuoluwa Phebian - 2019-08-20 00:04:11 Quote

  • To me I think the only work of the third party is to reconcile the two in terms of arguments and to help in matters of advice... nothing more

    - Ikenga Dominic Chukwuemeka - 2019-08-22 16:18:41 Quote

  • In terms of third party in a relationship, it is adviseable not to share all issues their are things meant for the spouse alone.

    - Israel Chibuike - 2019-08-22 17:53:20 Quote

  • It is never advisable to discuss your personal information cum marital  affairs affairs to the third party. Every marriage have their weaknesses 

    - Chinwe Igboh - 2019-08-22 23:28:10 Quote

  • So true...... You shouldn't let the third party know these things in your relationship..... They will always use it to mock you or use it to get your partner..... Something like this has happened to me before..... You shouldn't trust anyone

    - Haleemah Onibudo - 2019-08-24 02:10:51 Quote

  • Having a third party has done much of harm than good in past relationships...and at the same time has helped many relationships too.

    But the big thing is to watch what we tell the third party.

    - Olofintuyi Timi - 2019-08-24 06:29:37 Quote

  • This is true as third party has done more harm than good in most relationship and family, it is therefore requested that we b careful to share anything with third party.

    - Abraham Garba - 2019-08-24 08:04:49 Quote

  • maintain secrets.

    Most relationshipa have been destroyed because one of the partner could not keep something secret. You have to be aware that there is someone out there who Envy's your relationship and is looking for a slight chance to come in and cause havoc.

    - Stephen Danladi - 2019-08-24 16:07:42 Quote

  • To me I don't think third party should know what's going on within at all. Why at all should you be discussing your family affairs with someone else. Husbands and wives should learn how to have effective communication and understanding 

    - Matthew Ajewole - 2019-08-24 23:15:16 Quote

  • I think couples shouldn't even create space for third parties because that will be the Genesis of their problems. But in case it happens do not share sensitive matters with that person. E.g your husband/wife's weak point

    - Idi Grace - 2019-08-27 00:26:48 Quote

  • The third party should not know your reason for getting jealous in a relationship because the other person can use it as a weakness in the relationship and could take the opportunity to separate the relationship

    - Duke daniel - 2019-08-28 09:08:22 Quote

  • Financial issues: you can work things out between each other, so don't let pple know abt it

    S*x life: we all knw that's even inappropriate to talk abt, but the world we live in pple say it for stupid accolade. Boast abt it

    Flaws: b4 u guys get together u shoulda knw abt your partner flaws, so even she shows/does it, it won't be new to you, after some minute then you correct/talk to her

    - Olayinka Collins - 2019-08-28 10:01:38 Quote

  • Relationship is life is supposed to be kept secret,Especially for married couples,That is very childish and does not show maturity for married couples to publicise their personal life .

    - Ajah Peter ugbo - 2019-08-28 15:22:23 Quote

  • Financial issue is what tear many relationship apart so it shouldn't be discuss to a third party. Many friends will always look for a little opportunity to criticize and cause commotion. Little should only be discussed but n not sensitive issues 

    - Bulus Ali - 2019-08-28 15:38:22 Quote

  • First of all, a third party should know nothing about what's going on in your marriage.. Everything that happens in your marriage is strictly confidential between the husband and the wife and it is very wrong to tell a third party about what is goin on in your marriage.. because the marriage involved just two persons and not three.. Marriage issue is confidential between the man and the woman.. It is not even right for the children to know everything that is going on between their mum and dad.. Its not everything the mum and dad should disclose to their children.. The husband and wife should have some privacy. 

    - Osarenren Benedicta - 2019-08-28 22:14:57 Quote

  • To me a third party shouldn't  get involved in your relationship 

    It's  a relationship  so everything concerning your it should be private.. .it should be within the couples... 

    Mostly, a third party in a relationship  causes the downfall of a strong relationship 

    - Mosunmola Anifowose - 2019-08-29 11:20:19 Quote

  • Most marriage are in mess today because of involvement of third parties, when couples learn how to keep top secret within themselves better will be their marriage.

    - Solomon Mgbeahuruike - 2019-08-29 13:46:42 Quote

  • Third party is part of the reason most relationship lead to failure because we share everything that happens to us,things that are suppose to be confidential.

    It's not a wrong thing to have a someone you can talk to aside your partner but at the same time, you doing just tell the person everything that is going on in your life. For example, your partners flaw is your business not anyone else 

    - Yusuf Khadijat Omotunde - 2019-08-29 14:16:27 Quote

  • I have seen a situation whereby,the third party was actually the person who helped them in their situation..

    Fine,it's so bad to tell third party about your relationship life ,but then again , I think what we should pray for is that we shouldn't meet a friend that would jeopardize our lives..

    To trust third parties is risky,but if you have one that you could vouch for,you should be happy.  

    My contribution is that not all Third parties are brutall. We could still see some people that are good.. all we need is to be careful 

    - Rereloluwa banwo - 2019-08-30 20:32:38 Quote

  • I do accept a third party but it must be looked into properly. One must be careful who you take as your third party in what's be form.

    Your third party must be older than you, must be experienced and is willingly to help

    - Kehinde Joseph - 2019-08-31 13:54:33 Quote

  • For us to be list the thing that third party should not know in a relationship, we cannot finish it today. One of the major thing that third party must not know is every thing in the relationship. The only third party that you should allow in your relationship is God Almighty because with him every problem will be solved and the home or the relationship will become a thing of envying in the society or among or colleagues.

    - Victor Jegede - 2019-08-31 15:43:08 Quote

  • In every relationship third party interference should be little or none.

    Third party shouldn't know so many things like how well your husband treats you how you go shopping everyday how u do various things. Third party can be allowed only when there is violence so as to caution both party and it should be an elderly person.

    - Ajibade Tomisin - 2019-09-02 17:03:06 Quote

  • In my own view  I think by telling  the third party about the financial problem in a person relationship, the third party  can do bad thing oto make Jest of the such aperson so will need to hide yourself and not to tell your third party  about the finacial problembetween your girlfriend so we need to wise and think deeply

    - Sodeeq Nurain - 2019-09-03 15:05:06 Quote

  • A third party shouldn't know anything about your Relationship..i think the best person to discuss you relationship problems with remains the very partner you are having that problems with.

    No matter how difficult you think the issue is, find a suitable timing and mood to trash it out.

    It does not matter if you have to shout at each other but by all means sort it out within yourselves.. A third party opinion does not matter..

    - Amarachi Chidiebere - 2019-09-05 13:38:41 Quote

  • Third party shouldn't really be allowed in a couple's relationship. However there will be difficult days when a third party is needed to advice or settle fight so if need be, the third party should be an elder who cares about the union

    - Samuel ogunshina - 2019-09-05 21:18:54 Quote

  • Why must your mouth be fast in saying, you should have some privacy in relationship no matter what, anything you share with the third party about your relationship, don't be surprised to here it outside because some people are good at that.

    - Izuchi Gospel Okogbue - 2019-09-06 09:20:38 Quote

  • Why must your mouth be fast in saying, you should have some privacy in relationship no matter what, anything you share with the third party about your relationship, don't be surprised to here it outside because some people are good at that.

    - Izuchi Gospel Okogbue - 2019-09-06 09:24:20 Quote

  • The third party should never know how your relationship is going the normal answer given when asked is "we are fine". Spiffs can be handled well without the third party knowing

    - Kamara Prisca - 2019-09-06 17:18:04 Quote

  • It is very wrong to discuss what the third party should not know about your relationship because these third parties may lead you to the wrong path

    - Michael Temitope - 2019-09-08 22:26:57 Quote

  • Lies: don't go out and tell the third party what you have not said or done with your partner as if you did it, also stop talking too much about your partner with a third party as it may result to hatred

    - Tonwe Mogha - 2019-09-09 08:14:13 Quote

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