What To Know About An Interesting Dog Breed: The Great Dane

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"the great dane is taller than largest wokf that ever lived and possessing a physique that demands attention and respect, the great dane is also aming the most sensitive dogs. powerful enough to knock a large man to the ground and yet gentle enough to nuzzle a sleeping infant without waking the child.

Meet the Great Dane:

It may seem unnecessary to introduce one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world, but the great dane that many people think they know may not be the real great dane at all. great dane owners point out that their calf size pets attracts a lot of attention when out in public. Some people would not have a second though about commenting on a dobberman or german shepherd will often move toward dane people with some questions about the dog like its size, hiw much it eats etc. the great dane is a real attention seeker.

Sensitivity: what many casual obsevers do not know is that the huge is quite sensitive. some owners report that an unintentionally loud reprimand can cause a dane to go to a safe area in the home and withdraw for lengthy period of time. danes often lean against their beloved humans and also involve itself in daily family activity.

Malleability: another dane trait that may not be widely known is their high degree of malleability. great danes ccan become spoiled, aggressive or even too pasive when humans allow them to become so. Great danes have done well in obedience work, the show ring and as pets also. a cruel owner who mistreats a dane could get a dangerous dog for his efforts. a lazy owner whi will not take control and help a great dane become a good pet may get a stubborn dog that tries to dominate its humans. An owner who has obtained a good quality great dane from a reputable source, and planned and prepared and cared for the dog, can reasonably expect to get a super sized pet. 

Physical Appearance: from a physical stand point, the great dane iis almost a contradiction in terms of elegant/strength, artistic/power. not only is the great dane great in height, it also muscular without the heaviness of the mastiff, st bernar or Newfoundland, but with more substance to go with its tallness than the greyhound or scottish deerhound. the dane has regal bearing and demeanor that has often been presented in sculpture and painting.