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After publishing payout record for November yesterday, a lot of questions have been raised including complains and frustration messages by wailers.

You see, we have been in this online initiative for a while and we know people's predicament and human behavious when it comes to understanding MMO concept and terms. Base on past experience in make money online opportunity among Nigerians, a lot of us feel skeptical and get frustrated easily when things doesn't work out as expected EARLY.

No matter how you explain or carry people along, they will always come up with complains and getting frustrated unnecessarily. Even when you have make it known to them how thing really work for the betterment of everyone.

So, we are very use to it and we will keep explaining, those who will grab will move on with the system while those who failed to grab lost it.

On NNU Forum, we strategically have what we called Smart Earner and a Regular Earner among members. In order to aid our payout processes and maintain stability and continuity while we keep sharing revenue and paying members monthly.

Smart earner are pro active members who strive and support us fully in growing our membership with us accruing 75% of their earning from 20k and above with referral commission as they recruit more members to the system to grow.

Hence, we respect them and pay them as due and timely. This means from your monthly earning as a smart earner, your referral commission must be at least 75%. Let's say you withdraw 20k, your referral commission must be 15k to be a smart earner.

Also, kindly note that we share and payout 5k activities earning of your monthly earning per withdrawal in order to make revenue sharing reach more members monthly.

On the other hand, Regular earner are members with earning below 20k mostly with less or no referral earning.

Since we pay both referral earner and non referral earner, its not be POSSIBLE, i mean NOT POSSIBLE for everyone to get paid at a time. Hence we pay the smart earners first from monthly revenue, follow by regular earner base on the time you requested withdrawal. Turn by turn, first come, first serve among regular earner only.

While cashing out monthly is 100% guarantee among the smart earners, its otherwise among the regular earner but cash out is 100% sure and guarantee for everyone gradually and eventually.

If you have been a member for 2-3 months without getting a share at all, then you need to check yourself, you must have been doing things wrongly without following instructions properly and getting your withdrawal DECLINED. Thats it.

NO eligible regular earner since August and September that has not get a share at all. Unless if your withdrawal request has been declined several times because, when your withdrawal get declined and you request again, you will be starting all over from the queue as you go back back waiting for the next turn again.

This is why you need to keep doing your part and leave the rest for us. Number 1 thing that will get your withdrawal declined is when our viral share is not up to date on your timeline or not share as public for us to see.

Please, note that our admin check, verify and record withdrawal daily as we continue sharing revenue and paying members. So, anytime it get to your profile and we found out our viral share is not on your timeline or not public, your withdrawal will be decline. Make sure you keep sharing our viral share post daily without slowing down because you didnt get paid yet. Else, you will NEVER ever get paid and you will keep complaining, wailing around and getting frustrated unnecessarily. If you like call us SCAM from now till tomorrow, you are on your own. We are use to it.

The opportunity is for everyone but the smart people leverage on it effectively, and take advantage of it to earn more.

Here is what you will get when you join us today:

You will earn and cash out without referral or
Earn up to 71% affiliate commission if you are affiliate guru.
You can also earn 15% agent commission daily if you work smart with us as a distributor.

To join NNU Forum is very affordable. All you need is just a one time membership + product payment of ₦1,400 ONLY. We will not only share monthly revenue with you as a member but we also have more interesting goodies to spice up your day which i am pretty sure you will enjoy.

Trust me on this one, you will be proud to be part of NNU Income Project and NNU community at large.

Come and join us now and stop thinking otherwise. If you are already a member, share this post on your timeline and also tag few prospect among your friends.

If you are not yet a member, contact anyone who share this post with you and get a referral link to register asap. Delay is dangerous.

If you no join #NNU_Forum, wetin you gain

#Smartdistributors earns more. Registration E-Pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested https://wa.me/2348169787210

Click here to Viral Share our post properly on your timeline as public in order to get paid by the end of this month. We usually verify members Facebook timeline before they cash out.


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