Who Is A Better Rapper Between Vector Tha Viper And MI The Mr Incredible

As we all know the fuss and diss that is going on in the music industry between vector and MI. Vector also know as olanrewaju ogunmefun had a diss with MI who is called by name Jude Abaga. Their  beef started way back when MI had cypher"purification" against vector. Vector replied by bringing out"The purge" followed by"Tetracycline". This two tracks showed that vector was winning the game considering the silent auction of MI. Recently MI has released his own cypher song called "viper". This shows that there is an endless battle between the two great rappers.

So the question is who do you think will eventually win this battle.

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  • I think MI is a better rapper,his lyrical content is amazing,with a unique kind of vibe,his rap concept is also Amazing with a different pattern in all his songs,this is why he has always been and always will be respected in the Nigerian music industry.

    - Julius John - 2019-10-07 08:36:42 Quote

  • Mi is a legend when it's comes to rap he went under cover for years just because he had no body to compete with in rap , other rapper went solo music industry booms whenever you have people compete with you head to head been a legend he had to lay low for upcoming rapper to spring up mi is till my best rap god no contest please

    - Edomwonyi Oziegbe - 2019-10-08 08:31:58 Quote

  • Mi abaga is a better rapper over and over over vector the viper,vector should look for his mate,lyrically and in term of who's has the microphone magician mi abaga have enough to beat vector. Vector the viper is not qualify to contend with Africa rapper number one(mi abaga)

    - Nwodo Amaechi - 2019-10-08 19:15:22 Quote

  • MI ofcause is the best rapper 🙌🙌, MI has been doing this rap not today even before we knew Vector as a mater of fact they’re both perfect 💯.... but MI is far better than Vector (with personal awards and some other facts...) we all also confirmed from the drop MI did to Vector that he is not in top 5 of Yoruba rappers so what else ??? Arrest my case lol. 

    - Tella Mafus - 2019-10-08 19:31:44 Quote

  • MI is good but Vector has his own unique way of not being too serious but punches in ways that only rappers can understand. But in term of lyrics and delivery and in terms of better lyrics and creativity then MI is better 

    - Obiosah Hilary - 2019-10-09 19:16:38 Quote

  • This is not meant to cause an argument, the question should become an unthinkable thing!

    I mean vector is a good rapper, he is talented and all, but he should never be compared to MI. Even the recent diss between them showed who was mightier

    MI is the best rapper rn, He cleared vector in His music "viper", where he showed everyone that he is beyond vector 

    - Chidi Wilson Okpara - 2019-10-09 19:25:17 Quote

  • Well! well!! well!!! Senior will always be senior no matter how old or how big the junior has become, judge from this. MI is the senior. Though sincerely I like both very well and vector is doing really well too but a junior can never override the senior no matter the achievement talk less the senior is still inform 

    - Peter Daramola - 2019-10-09 19:47:37 Quote

  • Of a truth am not a type that listen to this type of music and to be sincere am just hearing their name for the very first time in my life. But all I can say is that in music,, rapping is a necessity in every album wax out but what i know is that the way they package themselves too will determine who will win. That's all I have to say.

    - Dairo Idowu - 2019-10-09 20:13:45 Quote

  • I do listen to mi's music very well and I know how he rolls.I don't really listen to vector's music but with the little I know about vector's rap and on comparison with MI's rap, I can assure you that vector can rap better than mi

    - Oxygen Sammy - 2019-10-09 21:37:11 Quote

  • Regard should be given to who truly deserves it, The record MI has set I don't think any of them can set that record...MI is the best rapper in Nigeria.his lyrics are superb, he is organized, for years he as mentained the best rapper.

    - Oghenefegor Enudje - 2019-10-09 22:13:45 Quote

  • It very disrespectful to call MI and vector in the same sentence, when vector was in primary school MI was already spitting bars. With that said MI has the best clap back already 

    - Shola Tunde - 2019-10-09 22:18:14 Quote

  • For me I prefer vector 

    His lyrics are sick and sleek... That guy raps like a foreigner, and as a lover of foreign music, his genre fits my taste

    Others might prefer something different but I think vector is the best for me

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-09 22:19:31 Quote

  • Vector is a good rapper though, but M.I is better, when compared in their lyrics M.I have got lots of meaningful lyrics compared to vector and if you want to talk about flows without beats, M.I have gotten the best flows compared to any other rapper I have ever seen, M.I is simply incredible and unique.

    - Innocent Okonkwo - 2019-10-10 17:51:07 Quote

  • As far as I am concerned,  Nigerians are concerned, Africans are concerned. MI is the best rapper among these guys. His lyrics are accurate and incomparable to these other rappers. Lastly MI is among the best rappers is the world. Yes bro take that to the bank and put my name as the depositor. 😂😂

    - Sunday Ogabor - 2019-10-11 18:39:09 Quote

  • Both rapper are good with lyrical rap but M. I is a legend with his rap song lyrics that always impress listener in Nigeria music industry. Although M. I is the best but vector is good in diss song aspect he will always bring down M. I with his diss lyrics 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-10-12 18:04:32 Quote

  • Both are maestro but the matter of fact is MI is an legend to vector but as far music is concern things go for nothing when ur music career is sounding and making fame u all are on the same category but not the same level.. Vector need to apologize to MI and we all know vector was brought up by MI and many artiste apart from vector are also brought up by the king "MI Abaga"

    - Adebisi Samson - 2019-10-12 18:35:39 Quote

  • MI ofcause is the best rapper , MI has been doing this rap not today even before we knew Vector as a mater of fact they’re both perfect.... but MI is better than Vector. we all also confirmed from the drop MI did to Vector that he is not in top 5 of Yoruba rappers so what else. In terms of personal awards and nominations, he is clearing the better but am not disputing the fact that vector is a very good and talented rapper that has done well for himself over the years.

    - Ehiosun Victory - 2019-10-12 19:25:38 Quote

  • I don't think that MI is the better rapper because it was when the beef started that is when he know that he is going to a song and also where was he since.

    I know that he know that Nigerians likes musician that drop music every time. 

    So I don't think that MI is still going this beef most especially with the viper...

    - Farinde Kehinde - 2019-10-12 19:55:35 Quote

  • I will choose MI over and over again,vector is a good rapper as well,but MI is a bettwr rapper than him,all this diss is all about them selling diss tracks and making more money. Whereas the good thing about this whole drama is that we will be served raw raps deep from the soul.

    - Adeshina Adewale - 2019-10-12 20:14:40 Quote

  • I think MI is still the best no matter what. His music is so unique and has good lyrical content. MI has more awards and honour so what are we talking about 🚶

    - Osakpolor Okhuarobo - 2019-10-12 23:08:45 Quote

  • I think M I is a better rapper than vector because he his lyrically a beast one of the best in Nigeria if not the world ....... And their current beef just shows how MI is caused he ended vector in a dis track but said am just helping you not dissing you

    - Oghene Oghenevovwero - 2019-10-12 23:16:54 Quote

  • Well, I wouldn't say for the masses but personally I feel Vector is a better rapper than MI because the Lyrical content of vector is much more strong and sufficient than that of MI...To me MI is just an Overrated Rapper who luckily got the chance of been the Africa Rapper No 1 coz we have many more rappers that are more dope than MI, rapper like Sakordie .....Vector has more vibe than MI

    - Hammed Olamilekan - 2019-10-12 23:19:10 Quote

  • MI is slightly better in my opinion.  MI has a better lyrical content and better flows but Vector too has his own ways of delivering hard bars in a very subtle way.  We should just be proud to own both rappers

    - Ogunnaike Funto - 2019-10-12 23:45:34 Quote

  • Obviously, MI is a legend, MI was on before vector came, his lyrics are meaningful compared to Vector wack lyrics...it's clear MI is going to win this battle

    - Joseph Olamide - 2019-10-13 12:43:21 Quote

  • I don't really think this is a question that should be debated, MI is definitely a better rapper compared to VECTOR. Vector might realease more songs than Mine but that doesn't make him the best rapper, MI is a legend who has reached places that vector hasn't, sang in places that vector might never even get the chance to sing in. I definitely think MI is going to win this battle

    - Elkayam Christian - 2019-10-13 16:32:45 Quote

  • I prefer MI to vector I've been a fan of MI since I was like 11 I still believes in his rap to vector although vector isn't a poor rapper too but MI takes it for me listening to their diss track made me love MI more because he spoke more on the beef unlike vector talking about his brother and all

    - Badmus Adeleke - 2019-10-13 16:53:24 Quote

  • MI and Vector are all good rappers but about winning? MI is the winner already. Why because that diss was between them, so why would Vector include his family??? 

    Thumbs up 👍 to  MI

    - Jerry Habila - 2019-10-13 18:50:54 Quote

  • I don't think this called for much argument mi Abaga is a rapper per excellence who has won many awards locally and international. What else would one say about this rappers to distinct them aside achievement in their career.. Indeef in my opinion mi Abaga is a better raoper

    - Ojediran Muideen - 2019-10-13 19:10:59 Quote

  • I don't think this called for much argument mi Abaga is a rapper per excellence who has won many awards locally and international. What else would one say about this rappers to distinct them aside achievement in their career.. Indeef in my opinion mi Abaga is a better raoper

    - Ojediran Muideen - 2019-10-13 19:10:59 Quote

  • Beyond doubts M.I has been the best Nigerian/African number 1 rapper speaking of trophy wise and song wise .. Vector to me is nothing but a little peice of MI history

    - Michael ifeanyi - 2019-10-13 19:51:39 Quote

  • One thing about being a rapper and a good one at that is to be versatile and lyrically endowed.there is still a whole lot more involved when the business aspect of music is included and in all this i believe both rappers are doing really good in the industry

    - Abiodun David - 2019-10-14 16:10:15 Quote

  • We have very much rappers that are really doing well in Nigeria music industry. But MI is incredible you cannot compare him with any, his flaws differs, his lyrics are amazing and understandable in such a way even if you listening to it for the first time you will grap it. You cannot compare him with any.

    - Sirajo Abdulkadir - 2019-10-15 01:01:16 Quote

  • I really say vector is better and of more standards he flows than M.I because I can say that M.I's time had past with no hit songs as of now, dropping songs that are not too lyrically blessed again.

    But in the other hand vector is a handful right now with lyrics and freestyles that are on fire.

    - Anderson Kelechukwu - 2019-10-16 11:58:49 Quote

  • This is not a fair fight i repeat it is not a fair fight, vector is still a boy that has not gotten to half of where M.I is and you are comparing borh of them, i don't think it's a smart move, M.I viper talked about 3 things, Vector from the past, present and future all in one song, M.I is truly incredible

    - Kelly Oghenekaro - 2019-10-18 22:52:30 Quote

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