Who Really Is The Giant Of Africa?

Entertainment has always been something Nigeria  is known for and has even "evolved" so to speak in this generation with different artistes preaching different things through their music but the real question is who amongst them deserves the title "Giant of Africa" long before now it had always been either Davido, Wizkid or Burna Boy with Burna boy even going ahead with releasing an album with the name but still so many people speculate that, especially now that other artistes are stepping up their game including Naira Marley, Zlatan Ibile, Joeboy and the rest. So the question is, based on past achievements, number of hit songs, awards and fan base, not to mention records set, who truly is the Giant of Africa of the Nigerian music industry of this generation, I personally would say Wizkid because of his stronger fanbase and how worldwide his music is, personally I don't know much of Davido's achievements so I can't really be a judge so I need answers and opinions. So let me know what you think and who you feel is the Giant of Africa of this generation

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  • For me personally I feel it's burna boy, this is because that's what he stands for in all his songs "AFRICA" he has genuinely sang songs to elevate this continent and i think no other musician is as passionate as he is when it comes to africa. Not wizkid not davido because they were more interested in gaining international recognition compared to Burna boy. Thank you.

    - Yusuf Adetomiwa - 2019-12-28 15:31:25 Quote

  • I strongly believe Burna Boy is the giant of Africa because he represents Africa, he showcase Africa, he project's Africa, he's a traditionalist, he's a newer version of Fela. No artist in the world represents Africa like Burna, not even any of the above mentioned. Burna ain't in Africa but Africa is in Burna Boy. 

    - Ichire Charles - 2020-01-09 09:31:48 Quote

  • If we're being honest with ourselves  this should be something people should turn into a competition or comparison. Yes, Wizkid has alot of achievements and so do the rest of the above Selected, but Burna boy has earned that title in the sense that his music is directly surrounded by Nigeria as a country and its dealings. 

    - Benjamin Edukugho - 2020-01-17 06:21:53 Quote

  • Burna Boy has proven himself over and over again. This is someone who is grounded in the sound of The Legend of Afro Music, Fela Anikpola Kuti. His rendition is clean, he passes a very vital message in his lyrics if you listen very carefully. Burna Boy is definitely my African Giant.

    - Chima Ezeogu - 2020-01-18 16:21:46 Quote

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