Why Do [email protected] Produce Discharge?

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Your [email protected] produces discharge because it’s a normal bodily function. It’s basically your body’s way of keeping down there clean.

Fluid produced by glands inside the [email protected] plus cervix takes away dead cells & bacteria. Keeping keeps the [email protected] clean and also helps to prevent infection.

In lots of cases, [email protected] discharge is normal, but you should be on the lookout for changes, especially in colour, texture, and smells because they could indicate a problem. Discharge does change depending on where a person is in their menstrual cycle. It can go from being milky to clear to whitish and the amounts can vary. Sometimes after your period, it might have a slight brown tint.

If your discharge starts getting a strong smell, it changes to different colours, you will want to get things checked out. Furthermore, you will want to have things looked at down there if you discharge looks different than it normally does and it doesn’t seem to be going back to its regular look.

There are a range of things that could potentially mess with your [email protected] discharge. Basically, your [email protected] has its own cleaning system so anything that interferes with that could potentially lead to problems.

One thing that can throw your [email protected] out of blow is douching. Certain antibiotics and medications can impact it. Illnesses, yeast infections, [email protected] conditions, pregnancy, diabetes, surgery, and STDs can all impact your vag and in term of your discharge.

But, you can still gently cleanse down there using a gentle non-scented soap or one that’s formulated for your lady bits. So we’re clear, you don’t need to technically wash your [email protected] which is the inside part because your vag has that under control.

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