Why Nigeria Is Difficult To Govern

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Nigeria my country a country, blessed with a lot of resources,with a lot of heritage and different ethnic group. Nigeria a home of peace and warm hospitality, we have a lot to do in making the country grow to greater height, I have a lot to mention but this are few reason why Nigeria is finding it very hard to be govern.

First of all our religion and different believe has become a common phenomenon. that what I believe is different from what you accept , this has led to crises and killing of a lot of innocent Nigerians  ,where by the Muslim are not in good term with the Christian vice versa ,we ought to be our brother’s keeper irrespective of our believe and ethnicity but the verse is the case  not talk of the promotion of tribalism by those who are in power or offices where people with the ability would refuse to help other because they are not from the same ethnic group as the others and if we keep on this way Nigeria we find it difficult to grow .

In terms of education we are lacking far behind because of the improper facilities we have in our schools today and they keep deceiving us by calling us the future of tomorrow but there children are in abroad studying due to this a lot of youth now prefer roaming the street, committing different crime such as internet fraud and other illegal crime and still been use by this politician as political thugs.

Another reason which is most common and which Nigeria is well-known all over the world is “corruption“ .This is one alarming case in Nigeria which is promoted by our so called leaders who ought to represent the people and because of this the word corruption no longer sound as an unlawful act but aregular topic . In this modern Nigeria many go into politics because of the power and to gain access to the country fund so they could embezzled the money meant for the poor masses and different form of urban and rural development project which leads to poor infrastructure, default in the payment of worker,unemployment and so on.

I urgethe federal government to provide social amenities like electricity, schools,road and health care for the people. I believe this will attract investor into the country and thereby creating job opportunity for the youth and better living for the people in the country.  With the happening around us we can still grow, I know that one day we will wake up to the lime –light and feel the breath of a new NIGERIA.



Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Uche Okah - 2019-09-25 07:35:40

From my own point of view, the issue of governance in Nigeria is as a result of the wide spread self interest and corrupt practices that erupts in the country by those who claimed to be the lawmakers and watchdogs of the nation. Political instability definitely leads to economic crisis, when there is economic crisis, then governance is hard to come into play.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Odion Glory - 2019-09-25 07:57:02

I believe nigeria can be better someday if only we can have good leaders.the leaders we have now doesn't care for the people they are leading all they know is themselves and their families...nigeria is one of the most corrupt country in the world because most of the corrupt things you can think of happen in nigeria all because the leaders are not doing their jobs


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Chukwu David Emeka - 2019-09-25 09:20:57

Nigeria system of government seems ungovernable simply because everybody wants to be in power and those in power will not want  to surrender and everyone who is trying to get power at all cost do everything in his power to destabilize the good governance of  existing government


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Miracle Nwanja - 2019-09-25 11:31:15

Nigeria is blessed and same with her citizen. Governing this great country can be really difficult we know. But as president, governor, ministers, senator and local government chairman. We know we all can't possibly please or favor us all through your governance but try your very best.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By ubong Nathaniel - 2019-09-25 12:04:47

In my opinion,this country is Not hard to govern but rather insincerity on the part of our leaders.We talk of different ethnic groups with the help of the FEDERAL CHARACTER COMMISSION  every part of this diverse country can be represented at all levels of governance.The crux is that. We should shun corruption, and our leaders should be transparent, then this country will be great


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Akoh Samuel - 2019-09-25 12:46:14

The most underlying problem of Nigeria is tribalism and religous intolerance, corruption is just a secondary problem, our leaders have taken advantage of those issues to keep us at each others throat while they loot our resources, if we could put asides our differences, then we can form a united front against the leadership inrespective of the party to demand good governance.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Jejelola Olasimbo - 2019-09-25 17:21:36

Nigeria is so difficult to govern because lots of things have gone wrong. Not just the country right now but the citizens of Nigeria. So many people already have weird mentalities because of how they were raised to the extent that each time we see a person that can do great things for the country,we still go ahead and vote for the other person that's not fit.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Osikha Cynthia - 2019-09-25 18:14:21

To me, religious is the number one problem of Nigeria follow by ethnic diversities. Our leader play a major part took and the followers inclusive. If we can learn to move from putting much effort in identifying the problem to looking for solutions , I believe Nigeria is going to be great again


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Paul Raphael - 2019-09-25 18:23:04

The governance in Nigeria is supposed to range from the federal government, state government and local government, the local government is the closest to the citizens, but now the corruption is everywhere we don't even know where to turn. Now Nigeria is about survival of the fittest.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Adebayo Muyiden - 2019-09-25 18:44:50

My believe every day, Nigeria is goin to improve and better, all this happen from our bad leaders.

They are insist on selfisness, people are suffering around, no work for graduates.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Imeh Emmanuel - 2019-09-25 21:35:41

it will be hard for the government to amend all this corruptions in Nigeria. So this will take them time but you will still find some peoples doing the wrong things. This make Nigeria diffcult to govern


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-25 21:57:46

One of the problems in Nigeria is our diversification, which should actually be our strength if we address things as one. Our ethnic differences and religious differences between each other is a major problem too. Where CEOs of companies favour those from their own ethnic group before considering others, you see these little things go a long way in affecting our country. 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-25 21:59:02

I don’t think Nigeria is really hard to govern. Although there are few challenges but the government is one the biggest problems in Nigeria. If we have selfless leaders, they will surely take Nigeria to the next level.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Saka Adefemi - 2019-09-26 03:08:18

Not only Nigeria but other countries in the world are difficult to govern because everyone has a different point of view but well some people just prefer to be hard headed and ethnicity religion or anything should not be an excuse 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Anyamah Charles - 2019-09-26 03:38:18

It is possible to have New Nigeria if we do away with all kinds of greed and corruption in us and become more patriotic and seeing ourselves as one with any sentiment, regardless of where you are from.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Trisma Ezekiel Yaki - 2019-09-26 07:15:21

Reason why Nigeria is difficult to govern is because of our number one enemy, which is RELIGION. Religion has become a very big stumble block in our politics and government today and that's why it will be very difficult to govern Nigeria unless we put aside our Religion differences.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Eromose Samuel - 2019-09-26 08:26:45

Well kudos the the writer of this article as he stated the key problems of Nigeria. On the issue of Tribalism and Religion, these are two major problems in Africa. We Africans feel we are much safer anytime those in government is of the same tribe with us, in other words the individual holding a high political office tends to satisfy people of his ethnicity and tribe more than anyother


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Victoria Okowe - 2019-09-26 08:56:15

To my own point of view,I believe Nigeria can only be better and have a good governance if only we have a good leader that has the fear of God in his/her heart...most leaders we have now are self centered and are not after the betterment of the citizens,and that makes the citizens lose interest in cooperating with them to be govern well,we have many graduates out there searching for job, with all this individuals will not volunteer themselves to be govern well instead they do what the feel is okay for them to generate income and live a successful life....in sumarry we need a good Hod fearing leader.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Francis Kingsley - 2019-09-26 16:10:06

For me this question is very easy to answer.First there is presence of negligence by those in power and secondly is the system of govt.So a group of white men saw it okay to bring different people together to plunder them and after our "independence" we still see that system okay.Am not a member of Biafra but i do believe that our system of govt should be changed


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By IFEANYI NWOKEDI - 2019-09-26 19:26:31

The issue of governance in Nigeria is a hydra headed dragon. Our leaders that to represent us are one of our problems. The right and qualified individuals whom should govern us are not allowed to come near to the race of governance. Mediocrities,nepotism, tyranny and embezzlement becomes the Order of the day. Which way Nigerian. It is only God that will see us through this trying time.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By John Ekerete - 2019-09-27 03:20:13

I believe that Nigeria will be better someday so we just need to put in our best in the little areas that we can not always waiting for government to come and it for us for instance we can fill Gallup on the road in front of our house without waiting for the government 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Isomkwo Clement - 2019-09-27 05:26:21

Reasons Nigeria is the toughest country to govern

Much has been said about the meteoric rise of Rwanda from the ashes of civil war to its capital Kigali being named the most beautiful and the greenest city in Africa by the United Nations. Similarly, economists and scholars alike have marveled at the dramatic turnaround of the Chinese economy from population powder keg to economic powerhouse in less than a half-century. The spectacular transformation of the United Arab Emirates has also been the subject of many case studies. Its shift from primarily oil exporting country to a highly diversified economy, developing into a global hub for tourism, retail and finance has been impressive to say the least.

In stark contrast, the struggles of Africa’s largest economy have been well documented. Its disproportionate reliance on crude oil exports, lack of uninterrupted electricity, crumbling infrastructure, a sluggish economy, an inability to tackle corruption and provide adequate security for its citizens has brought up the conversation of Nigeria being a failed state – a massive leap if you ask me. But comparisons of this kind fail to factor the three key metrics I look to, in comparing the development of nation states. The population size, ethnic diversity and the kind of government. These three factors and how they work together are ultimately what makes Nigeria a unique experiment, unlike any other in the world, and also explain why Nigeria is exceptionally difficult to govern.

The population of a country and its growth rate might be the single biggest determinant of economic growth. On a simplistic level, the relationship between growth in population and growth in per capita income is clear. After all, per capita income is directly related to the population size. The current population of Nigeria is estimated to be about 195 million – the 7th largest in the world, compared with Rwanda’s, which is about 12.5million ranking 77th. The United Arab Emirates boasts a population of 9.5million ranking it 93rd, while China leads the world the pack with 1.4 billion. Based on simple mathematics, one can deduce that it’s grossly unfair to compare governing a country the size of Nigeria to Rwanda and The United Arab Emirates. For any set of policies to make any significant impact, it has to affect a much broader swath of the population – a feat that is much more difficult when you have a population bursting at the seams. But China is almost 10 times bigger – you say, which brings us to our second point.

A landmark 2002 Harvard Institute for Economic Research paper found that African countries are the most diverse in the world, compared to Japan and the Koreas, which it found to be the most homogenous. It found that the world’s 20 most diverse countries are all African, likely owing to the continent’s colonial legacy. The study also found a correlation between diversity, latitude and GDP per capita. Finding that the more diverse a country was, the more likely it was to have a lower GDP per capita. Concluding “it is quite difficult to disentangle the effect of these three variables on the quality of government.” This would explain why Nigeria – a country with about 250 identified ethnic groups might be harder to govern, than a country like Rwanda with 99% of its population being either Hutu (85%) or Tutsi (14%). China by contrast, has 56 recognized ethnic groups still a far cry from Nigeria’s but significantly more than the six to seven in the United Arab Emirates.

The final factor that serves to further complicate the ability of Nigeria to catch up to other emerging economies is its democratic governance structure, which is in stark contrast to the Unitary (one party) state in Rwanda and China, and the Absolute Monarchy in the UAE. There has been an age-old debate dating back to Plato and Aristotle, about whether democracy encourages or stifles political and economic growth. Harvard Macroeconomist Robert Barro in his seminal study in this area concluded there was no correlation between more political rights and economic growth. But the previously cited Harvard Institute for Economic Research study found that strong democracy correlates with ethnic homogeneity, finding that diversity might make democracy tougher in some cases. With a country with the population size and ethnic diversity as Nigeria, it is no wonder democracy is especially difficult, with leaders having to manage varying interest groups, which at times are in opposition to one another.

So, as we inch ever closer to another general election, and political tensions flare with the main political parties calling for the other to be unregistered, the perennial questions are bound to resurface: “why are countries that don’t have nearly the same amount of human and natural resources, doing better than us?” As we contemplate what direction to go in the next 4 years, let us be mindful that we can’t change the population size or our ethnic diversity, the only thing we can change is our style of government. So let us ask ourselves, if we would rather have a unitary state or worse yet a dictatorship, or dig in and do the extremely difficult but necessary work of defending and perfecting our tough and complex democracy.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Adebayo Feyisara - 2019-09-27 09:58:12

Nigeria is such a great and wealthy country

So I don't think it difficult to handle

The only problem we have is our leaders

We really need to discard some corrupt leaders in Nigeria so that everything can be going well


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Oke Olawole - 2019-09-27 14:20:52

Nigeria is a blessed country with a lot of natural resources but the people we are voting for to lead us are fighting for themselves and there family and moreover take all the money that belongs to the citizen to overseas and put it in an account for there children 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ololade Ibrahim - 2019-09-27 15:50:48

Yes I believe Nigeria can be more better in some years to come 

The problem of Nigeria doesn't lies on corruption only it problem it one we the citizens 

when there is no love within the citizen of a country a country can't proess good government because the government will not do to the satisfaction of the citizen 

For example take a lot at the British the love them self and the understand them self.. 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Agewu Ayuba - 2019-09-27 17:28:16

Nigeria is very difficult to govern. Because those our leader most of them didn't study political science, again they have no wisdom of ruling.

Those that govern in Nigeria care only for their family members.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Marvellous Chukwuemeka - 2019-09-27 23:08:07

Nigeria can be governed.i know it may seem impossible,but it is possible. Nigeria seems difficult to govern now because we the citizens have not decided to work together as a single entity. We have not decided on what we want in this country,the government will be trying their best but some citizens will be going against the laws made.the earlier we decide to work together and help the government make the nation good the better for us...f fo me I think Nigeria is not hard to govern if we maintain laws and orders  


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ibrahim Lawal - 2019-09-28 17:51:48

The truth is no country is easy to gover. In fact no post as a leader is easy. The major problem we face in this country in diversion. Imagine if we all speak the same language even if we don't have the same religion but we all speak one language, we see each other as our brothers keeper believe me Nigeria would be much more easier to govern.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Toheeb Ololade - 2019-09-29 03:39:43

You have spoken the truth, but to me oo, I discovered that our leader are the problem of this country, they dont have mercy of the poor, they don't provide good education, yet their children school on abroad, they don't provide good hospital, yet if any one of them had a little diagnosis they quickly go to abroad, they are the one making law, yet they are the one disordering the law. 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Sunday Wilfred john - 2019-09-29 11:33:51

Its not that Nigeria is difficult to govern,  it the type of people that we put in power. 

How can you use a huge amount  of money to buy cars for ministers  don't by you have somepeople look for food to eat. 

If we can have God fearing  people on the seat  of power,  I believe  that Nigeria will be a better place to live. 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ukora Kenechukwu - 2019-09-29 13:28:09

I think what is holding our nation down is constitution, the earlier we wake up and embrace constitution amendment the better for us ,but the government keeps lieing to 200million people daily with over 250 ethnic groups, Is only God that will help us out of this mess o


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ademola Adewale - 2019-09-29 15:43:11

Nigeria is hard to govern because bad leaders..The way things go we already have a good leader still yet the citizens are now incontrollable doing what they like and misbehaving...

I pray Nigeria get better as soon as posibble 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Dalhatu Halliru - 2019-09-29 19:22:02

other wise,the another reason why nigeria is difficult to govern,in terms of population,because the population of nigeria is high and then the economic growth is low.
Even in term of  in term of social amenities.etc


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Oluwaseyi Oyedokun - 2019-09-30 13:33:37

The difficulty in governing Nigeria is as a result of the multiple ethnicity we have in this country which brings about multiple language to deal with. Communication is key and once you bring a barrier into effective communication then you cause confusion and chaos.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ayomide Oluwaseyi - 2019-10-02 18:16:17

Nigeria can be a better place and will be a better place we can achieve these aim if we can reduce corruption to the edge of extinction because corruption is what made Nigeria bad I know we can't get rid of it totally it not possible but we can reduce it that will also be of great effect  to Nigeria


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Adelokun Temitayo - 2019-10-02 23:01:25

In my belief, I believe Nigeria will be great again not only with the help of the government but the citizens also. Yes the government should provide this and that, but we the citizens must also know that the government can't solve all our problems. Pray for Nigeria try seeing good in some thing. Some people don't even care about how things are going, they jst want to survive. May God help us 


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Durotimi Oluwatoba - 2019-10-03 01:15:24

The main reason Nigeria is difficult to govern is because there's too much of money in Nigerian politics.

It's a fact that anything that creates avenue for poeple to get money more than they can spend cannot be fairly judged. Nigerian politics is calibrated on money. Politicians with SSCE make money than a PHD holder. Allowances are given and their salaries are bigger than what they can handle. Everyone wants to get to the position to get his share of the national cake.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Ismail Muhammed - 2019-10-04 21:41:20

I believe Nigeria from my point of view cannot be ruled by our recent leaders the best thing is for us to bring out the youth from 25-30 to join politics and I think they will do better than the old ones that are stealing our money


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Anoke Richard O. - 2019-10-06 15:36:18

My friend the is a place you made mentioned of will Nigerian someday? By me i know what you mean but others don't. To stats with you see Nigeria has come a stage where by many people are lamenting seriously, that they don't understand the present leader in APC. That APC has no plans for Nigeria. If you look at it, you will see that will find it very difficult to adjust. The past government during the time of Former president Olusagun Obasanjo. People where complaining and it seems that the administration of President Buhari it became worser, because his people he fixed in government don't know rule of law, for example the for IG Of Police that disgrace the audience on address speech. It will be good if government chance to another government. Thanks for reading


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Chizuram Nwokoukwu - 2019-10-09 16:55:09

The problem we have is lack of understanding that we are one no matter the religious differences, tribal differences, etc.  It is one God that created us.  Obviously, corruption has eaten deep in us both the governed and the government. The earlier we take care of those issues mentioned, the better for our country.


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By JULUUS POLYCARP - 2019-10-10 19:09:25

I think one of the main problem we are facing in this nation is lack of cooperation,unity and cooruption. If Nigeria can stand up and delt with thses elements, it will be better again


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Wilfred Ogidan - 2019-10-10 19:14:09

Nigeria our country great we stand.. Together we unit... This country called Nigeria! The truth about it is nothing but corruption, illiteracy, God fatherims and many others... When will this stop here is my question


Why Nigeria is Difficult to Govern - By Adebayo Olalekan - 2019-10-13 16:06:11

God bless Nigeria.This is a country that flows with milk and honey .but we have bad leaders.The population of the country now is almost 200M.With teaming youth without a job.I know with God all things are possible. Nigeria will still good am seen a new Nigeria