Why People Fail To Achieve Their Dreams

Many people today have in a particular time in their life nursed one or two or as a matter of fact lots of dreams but they never lived, fulfilled the dream. Due to some reasons that are only known to them, or general reasons that affect everyone's dream. Young folks who are just beginning to live life are the ones who have dreams the most; they are the ones who want to achieve the most, they are the ones who like to think they have the most to accomplish, they are the ones who think they have greatest problem in the world, they think that all the pressure of the world is resting on their shoulder, they are the ones who quickly want to give up after few trials, or want to continue and never give up, they are the ones who chase the bag and want to secure the bag at all cost (so to speak).

It is fresh and nice for youths to have dreams and want to pursue them or even pursue them, but what happens when we see that these young, powerful, never relenting, strong and vibrant have begun to relent, waver and even doubt and even lose faith and finally come to deny those ones cherished dreams? What causes situations like this? It is the result of losing focus during the project of fulfilling one's dreams, so the focus of this article is to pinpoint what causes people to lose focus on the golden prize which is the ultimate goal; their dream. Read along...

1. Laziness.
Lazy people will lose all at the end of the race. In short, it is safe to say that lazy people are too lazy to even dream for their tomorrow. Lazy people will always want to rest at every slight opportunity they get. Initially, some people might be hardworking at first and they aspire to become something in life, but once laziness begins to set in, this dream they use to hold very seriously will begin to lose ground in their heart. Folks that are lazy will not try new things, not because they are scared or not because they do not have the courage to try new things, no, they don't exploit new opportunities because they will say "it's new, we don't even know anything about it", they forget that this entire life is a risk that everyone must develop what it takes, to take these risks.

2. Lack of focus.
This is not usually for lazy people. It is for people who are actually pursuing their dream, people who are actually aiming to achieve their dream, but tend to lose focus. Focus is what keeps you going even when you seem to be missing your way. Focus is your map, it's your "walking stick" but what happens when you lose your focus on your way to achieving your goals? This is where distraction sets in and you begin to glance at other things, things that are not in initially on your plan and not only that, they are not the things you need. When you lose focus, you lose determination, when you lose your determination, you lose your will, when you lose your will, you lose the drive, the urge to want to go on, the urge to breakthrough. Focus is what attaches you to your dream, no matter how distant, no matter how big it is, your focus captures it safely and puts it in your heart.

3. No self-denial.
Self denial is a more advanced way of referring to discipline. Your body does not enjoy hard work, your body does not enjoy late night sleep, your body does not enjoy "reading" for long hours, your body does not enjoy waking up early. If you constantly give in to your body, you will fall and end up with nothing. Self denial is when you deny yourself of certain things just to achieve something greater, bigger, and better. You may have to stop watching movies because you want to read very well, you may have to stop spending so much on beer because you want to have more money, you pay have to start waking up early because you want to attend 7am classes. Self denial goes with determination and an unwavering stand in all of your decisions that will help your career.

4. Distraction.
As stated earlier, people begin to lose focus once they begin to get distracted from their aim. Distraction may be many things, not necessarily material things. Distraction can be another dream that began to sprout in your heart while in your pursuit for the first one (in this case, it is okay because you didn't lose focus, you merely change lanes),but in a situation where you stopped pursuing your dreams because of something trivia, because you saw something fancy and flashy. Remember that all that glitters are not good, also, what you pick up by the roadside while your heading somewhere is usually a strange object and may be harmful, so plunge straight at your destination and forget whatever is by the roadside.

Here are some of the things that hinder people (youths) from achieving their goals. So many people have had big dreams that just needed a little spark, a little ignition that would put them on the track, but they did not. Some folks had high expectations after having nursed their dreams for years but they couldn't even start up let alone achieve something. It is important to know the cause of your problems so that you can counter them. By the way, you can add to these few points to have an all round understanding about what stops people from reaching their goals.

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  • Youths generally, we planed good things about our life but its hard for us to accomplish our dreams according to how we planed it. We lose concentration and focus while trying work and pursue our dream because the result is not working out so fast. sometimes, that is the reason why we fail to actualised our dream as a young person.

    - Benjamin Luka - 2020-01-26 06:11:36 Quote

  • Sometimes the reason why people failed to achieve their dreams is not logical. This is due to the fact that there are some spiritual forces that can hinder man to achieve his dreams and live up to his potentials. Above all, we should work and pray to achieve all that we wished for. 

    - Salami Kehinde - 2020-01-26 06:36:26 Quote

  • Other Reason why some youth loss focus is due to dependency. Youth try to depend on someone who promised them to fulfill their dream but at the end they got disappointed in so much they can't drive the vehicle of goal again to is destination. Youth should learn to be independent in focus driving.

    - Opeyemi Kayode - 2020-02-03 08:28:06 Quote

  • Another reason why people fail in the achievement of their dreams is because they don't pray to God about it.No matter how brilliant and outstanding you are,if you don't commit your dreams to God, there is no way it can be achieved.So it's better to commit your dreams to God and work harder also because those are the only ways your dreams can come true.

    - Anyansi Chukwudi Emmanuel - 2020-02-03 16:07:18 Quote

  • I believe some people fail to achieve their goal because they are not persistent,some tend to lose the vibe to keep pushing if the expected result is not forthcoming.Some end up not achieving their dreams because they became pessimistic along the line and started doubting that they can actually make it.while others let the opinion of others define them

    - AGINAM ONYINYE - 2020-02-04 11:58:54 Quote

  • Another major reason why many fail to achieve their dreams is lack of determination. Many people are not determined on their dreams. Many only have dreams and goals but are not determined over it. Many are not determined to pay the price for Success, many are lazy and are not deligent concerning their dreams.

    - Oloruntade Isaac - 2020-02-07 08:20:50 Quote

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