Why Some Artiste Fail In Music Industry

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In today's economy activities,music is consider as one of the basic way of earning.While some upcoming artiste will be looking forward to get sign into a record lebel,some will keep praying...not realizing that heaven helps those who help themselves.I have discdiscovered three (3) basic reason why some artiste don't make it thus;

1- Fear

Funny enough,fear stop some artiste to proceed.You need to know that every one can make it in "the game" but you need to overcome your fear and keep going.Don't be shy,all baby fall down while learning how to walk but they don't lay down and cry for life,they stand up and dust themselves to proceed...that is what we call 'moving beyond mistakes'

2-  Half knowledge.

I hate things to be done half,if you are sure about it,do it fully or leave it undone.Some artiste have no knowledge of being an artiste,you can't start to build a house when you lack the knowledge of laying a good foundation.Every artiste want to be independent,which is actually wrong.Wizkid would have being nothing if not for Banky w's mentoring.You need a mentor.

3- You steal beats.

This is obviously rampant these days,people steal beats for their songs which is wrong.When you do so,it means you are riding on another artiste's success,which doesn't show you as original.Never steal beats for yourself no matter the circumstances.In the music world today,people are expecting something unique from you.Never be a copy cat or carbon copy of other artiste.

By following this, I can't tell how much far you will make it in the music industry.

Why some artiste fail in music industry - By TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-11-04 18:33:18

Another obvious reason why they fail is by living fake life. You will see an upcoming artist that has not achieved anything or do anything in life, he will be spending lavishly on material things just  to claim that he has what it takes forgetting that those money he is wasting can be channelled in something meaningful in his or her music career. 


Why some artiste fail in music industry - By Oloyede Barnabas - 2019-11-06 08:45:08

Some of the reasons for this are that they are doing things the wrong way,they live flamboyant lifestyle to showcase to both their fans and non fans,whereas they are poor at home 

Living fake lives affect them and also using another artiste beats is another reason,they rely on another musician success.