Why Students Miss Classes - Lets Discuss

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For those of us in the universities, it's not out a new thing when we hear people say things like "I won't attend classes today" or "I plan on stabbing two classes today" or "I will fly this lecturer's class tomorrow", this are some of the slangs students use when  they have the intention of not attending a particular class.
Now, not every student that misses class is an Unserious student or a NFA ( no future ambition) as some might think, but that's not entirely true.

In a discussion with some students, few of them embrace an idea that states that " for every one hour class, you must study for two hours straight to understand the topic" the phrase seemed "big" to me but I understood clearly what they meant; that is, for one to fully and genuinely digest a topic, one must study it for two hours. So, they say that so that their planned out hour is not affected, ( so that they don't have to roll over yesterday's course into today's own) they will certainly not attend classes that do not make sense. We all know there is one class like that, that never helps. Some may call it " boring ".

Some students don't attend classes because they wake up late thereby, causing them to arrive at the venues late, and there are some lecturers that will lock the doors to the lecture theatres once they enter; they expect you to be in the lecture theatre before them. This is a fault on the side of the student because if he had arrived early, he definitely would have entered the class.

Although, we must remember that this doesn't mark laziness or unseriousness. It is better to understand that it's a two sided thing;

We have done students who come late because they do not live on campus and so they have to trek into the school area or hustle for cab or bike before they can rush down to the venue for the class for that day.

While we have the Unserious and lazy ones that will intentionally sleep and wake up late and then go back to sleep once they realize they are three minutes late. They are the ones that sleep late not because they are jacking their books but because they are playing games, arguing with friends, gisting, etc.

We've briefly talked about the faults of the student, now, it is not always the fault of the students at all time. In all my years as a university student, I've seen cases where there are lecturers who hardly come to class to lecture, rather, they just disseminate PDF material of their course and after that, you get to see them stand in front of the class once in a while. This is discouraging to some students as the interest to attend such classes begins to fade away since the student always carries the notion that the lecturer won't come.

Another case we should consider is the clashing of lectures. This only happens when students borrow courses from among other departments and peradventure, the time that the borrowed course is scheduled to hold clashes with Your Own departmental course, such student is in a dilemma. Even though there is room for complaint for such situations but it hardly works when the percentage of students lodging such complaints are not high.

Over to you, what are some other reason you think student miss classes?

Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Abdurrahman Akinosho - 2020-01-03 20:33:15

fo me , another reason students miss classes  is that; the time spacing between the periods might be too much ,especially for those staying off campus ,there are cases where by a class might hold early in the morning while another holds late in the day .And it is not all students that stay off campus could afford to wait for the latter class .


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Favour Oluwagbemisoye - 2020-01-03 21:52:58

I think students begin to skip class when the lecture condition is not conducive enough.for instance you came early to a class and after your struggles, the so called lecturer refuse to bring public address and you were unable hear audibly, I am sure someone may be discouraged to attend the next class.


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Adiabuah Chukwuka Harrison - 2020-01-04 07:59:50

Apart from urgent issues or emergencies, I personally don't think it is right for students to miss their lectures. I don't blame the lecturers even if they are always absent and suddenly becomes present. Students should know their priorities in school and understand the vitality of information especially from the right sources eg coordinator, by this they can plan their movement within the university. 


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Prince Adiele - 2020-01-04 16:41:00

Another reason is that most times several weeks are spent on discussing on one topic each time in class where it would have been used to cover up about 4-5 topics.When this happens students start taking such a class as one that is not worth going to,they'll start loosing interest..then they start to skip classes


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Ayodele Agunbiade - 2020-01-06 10:45:39

Students may decides to avoid going for lecture, when the lecturer has already finished his scheme for the semester, so instead of going to class & engaging in lackadaisical discussions with others, he/she may prefer to take a personal reading or do something reasonable with his/her valuable time


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Taiwo Faleti - 2020-01-06 22:27:09

Some reason is that at times the lecturer will appoint a particular time with them and refused to meet up, and another reason is that the lecture time might be too far from other normal lecture time and even some students might be lazy to receive lecture because of the hours spent in the previous lectures ....


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Uhoegbu Precious - 2020-01-08 13:35:41

It is very wrong and inappropriate for a student to skip classes. But putting  some things into consideration,  Like a highly congested timetable a student might be stressed out after series of lectures  and decides not to attend maybe the last class. Secondly too much pucknosing into students affairs by a certain lecturer demoralize or kills the spirit of a student towards attending such lecturers class. 


Why students miss classes - Lets discuss - By Joy Abani - 2020-01-17 00:21:10

Well everyone have their method of understanding some prefer to study the topics, do research on their own and read up because it's the best way they get understanding, that's why going to class would seem like boring or a waste if time so they rather study on their own than going to class