Why You Should Be Part Of Seedershub Cooperative Society Now

In case you don know
Attached is the screenshot of the current interest rate from banks where you save your money that mostly generate zero to low interest for you daily.
You can see the percentage on fixed deposit account not to talk of a normal savings account. The highest on fixed deposit in all banks right now is 3%.

Wow, that is even a fixed deposit which you can not touch the money for a month to a year. not to talk of ordinary savings account 4.05% per annually from UBA, kindly check to find out about your own bank... Note the 4.05% is still on a condition of if you did not withdraw 3 times per month, else u will forfeit the interest.

No bank pay interest of percentage on a monthly basis, its always per annum while u do the calculation by 12 months.

I hope this info help, you can as well do your findings to see the benefit you have on Seedershub over banks.

Top 3 Benefit of saving with SeedersHub Cooperative

  1.     On SeedersHub, you earn 18% on your savings annually more than what you earn for saving in banks and it's credited to your wallet daily while you can withdraw anytime. Interest paid by SeedersHub Cooperative is a form of end of the year dividends base on local traditional cooperative society you know.
  2.     Access to a loan of x2 of you consistence savings after sometimes, No bank will give you a loan like this without collateral.
  3.     Affiliate commission of 1k per referral, you can cash out your commission at any time and you can also use your commission to pay back your loan. No bank or any platform does this except SeedersHub Cooperative.

Read full details about this opportunity here and decided what is best for you: https://seedershub.com/page/opportunity



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