Will Automation Leave The Masses Richer Or Deeper In Poverty?

The technological age has helped a great deal in improving the quality of life of the average nigerian, however it has also highlighted how disposable we are as humans especially with tasks that involve alot of repitition and no real brain work. labourers are being replaced with machines, record keepers with software. This has unfortunately lead to an increase in the unemployment rate and there doesnt seem to be a change for the better.

Will we ever get to the point where humans in nigeria are less valuable in the workspace than machines, and also if we do, what do you see as a solution to help curb the unemployment crisis which seems inevitable?

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  • If the world would be relying on machines to do everything soon,then let the masses be employed to produce,create these machines. And also thought how to service and repair them.

    I think with the right application of technology,advancement in all areas of life is sure.

    - Ameh Victor - 2019-09-25 14:19:28 Quote

  • Automation provides job for those with the knowledge of technology while at the same time take away the job of those without the knowledge of technology.

    My advice is: irrespective of your occupation, try your best to have the knowledge of technology.

    And for those that are still dependant, try also to have the knowledge of technology it will help alot.

    - Isah Philip - 2019-09-25 18:11:08 Quote

  • Talking about technology if it have been improving human life or not. I think I those the two in human life. Increase in technology is bringing to unemployment more than employment

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-09-25 19:07:19 Quote

  • To me,  machines and softwares are blessings to us, because they make us work smarter, faster with little or no stress,  its the human beings that need to upgrade on skills that will make them master the use of the machines and softwares, thereby getting employed. 

    - Ruth Oyeleke - 2019-09-25 20:00:53 Quote

  • We are already less valuable even though we are not that high on technology. For an honest to God worker who gets paid 15k for a teaching job, teacher the tomorrow leaders. Then I guess we are already less valuable

    - Okafor Ifeoma - 2019-09-25 20:33:50 Quote

  • Automation will further impoverish a society like that of Nigeria because the larger population are illiterate who can't improvise a means different from the Orthodox way of making money. So when automation sets in, they tend to find hook and crook ways to survive instead of thinking critically they give in to criminal activities.

    - Ridwan Salaudeen - 2019-09-25 21:26:27 Quote

  • From my point of view, i believe people should go and acquire more digital skills in order not to be left behind with the way technology is rising fast. Its better to do so now than to hear stories that touch later

    - Oyemike Destiny - 2019-09-25 21:26:47 Quote

  • I suggest that everyone should hop on the train of technological advancement and get involved in a part of it no one must be left out because there is no turning back from it; technology is going to keep advancing and making changes but it is left for us to find a way that those changes would favour us and help us survive in the world of today.

    - Ayodele-olorunfemi Praise - 2019-09-26 02:23:36 Quote

  • Automation will leave the masses richer if they are educated on how the machines work and how to maintain them and it will leave the masses poorer if they are ignorant about how the world is developing rapidly and they don't feel the need to learn how to use machines and other technological devices.

    - Gold Mary - 2019-09-27 02:03:17 Quote

  • As technological advancement progresses, our reliance on them also progresses. But there will still be a place of human in any technological application. So I don't think automation will leave people jobless. Automation itself needs human to work and even other job opportunities can be orivprov with this automation of a thing.

    - Ayodeji Akinoluwa - 2019-09-29 18:20:01 Quote

  • Entrepreneurial skills is all that’d take us far in Nigeria as citizens, if we really want to withstand whatever condition might come at us in the further. Instead of studying and getting good grades to eventually get a job working for someone else; I believe it’d do you more good if you channel all that energy into starting up something of your own. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-29 20:13:55 Quote

  • Automation help the rich and be a disadvantage to the masses. Most category of unskilled labor or casuals are the masses and they are the one that will be affected the most. Very soon the middle class will be hit by the coming of full fledged artificial intelligence.

    - Oluwaseyi Oyedokun - 2019-09-30 13:57:12 Quote

  • Since the world is nie relying on machine to do almost all things,  then let the enumployed be employ 

    It really help the rich and a disadvantage to the masses, but if they would be relying on machine to work, let the masses be employed as well to work

    - Patrick Juliet - 2019-09-30 19:45:15 Quote

  • Technology has always has more advantages than disadvantages. If there was no invention of the calculator solving some certain calculations will be too bogus and take time.Technology doesn't have a preference for either the rich or the poor. We both use the same technology. 

    - Oluwafemi Olukoya - 2019-10-01 03:52:01 Quote

  • I think that since the world wants to use use machines and robots for technical work, people should go into engineering and learn how to repair and service these machines and robot, at least that way, it will help the masses and people will be able to provide for their families

    - Ibrahim Olatunde - 2019-10-03 20:28:48 Quote

  • Life cannot be static ,but most people do not want to learn this lesson and consistently grow.

    Learning only stops in the grave and not  after tertiary education.You must seek to continually be at the top of the learning curve to avoid being . Do not be 12th century minded when you are in the 21th century.

    - Merlin Alagha - 2019-10-18 17:30:29 Quote

  • As long as humans exist on this planet, there will always be the human element/human touch which no machine can replicate. Will machines be able to tell/write stories in a compelling, engaging way? Can they be imbued with soul-consciousness or spiritual awareness, intuition or insight? As we're finding new uses for machines, I believe we'll also discover new functions for ourselves that will make us more progressive and prosperous.

    - Chinelo Amaka - 2019-11-12 14:06:30 Quote

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