Wizkid Is Better Than Burnaboy And Davido

The three superstars and multi award winners are the face of pop in Nigeria right now and two of them are also among the top five richest musicians both in Nigeria and Africa.

Starboy Wizkid the joro singer is the 4th richest musician and the CEO of starboy record label and the most streamed musician in all platforms with 4 billion monthly streams including apple music and youtube, also one of the most paid musicians in the world, Wizkid featured international musicians like Drake, chrisbrown,skepta and more, Wizkid was featured by Beyonce in "brown skin girl" a track in "the gift" album which made Wizkid fans abuse davido, Wizkid released  "ghetto love"his first hit single for 2019 in September which was extracted from his forthcoming solo album "made in Lagos"the song made it to the billboard top ten and he released his "joro" also after a week which is also a hit and we are waiting for his album "made in Lagos" which he is been hyping since 2018.

The album made in Lagos is due for release.

What did you think about the album "made in Lagos" is it going to outstand burna boy's album "African giant" and what did you think about this post.

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  • Wizkid has really hustled his way up there and from my view too I see him better than Davido and Burna boy.  About the album, burna boy African  giant is an album that has made it to the Grammy award nomination and it has a lot of message in it. For wizkid album to beat that it's going to take it to be really top notch, this makes the album to be more anticipated

    - Ameh Elijah - 2019-12-28 06:38:24 Quote

  • Wizkid Album is much anticipated but Burna Boy's own is out and on fire. However, Wizkid is loved across the globe, Davido too but we cannot underestimate Burnaboy whose Album made it to Grammy Award nomination and is one of the artists penciled to come home with the award.

    - Saheed Ibrahim - 2019-12-29 07:55:46 Quote

  • It is very hard to tell which is the best out of this artist because all of them is better to my own perspective.. But u can't just say Wizkid is better than burnaboy and Davido, Because Out of this artist I will say that burnaboy is the one hot this moment, wizkid and Davido time has gone 

    - Ridwan Abolaji - 2019-12-29 21:17:55 Quote

  • They're all good artists and its actually very hard to chose out of them. I won't even choose because I can't. They give good music every year and try their best to stay at the top. Instead of comparing them, I would rather give them accolades for their great work and pray the reach greater heights

    - Victory Omedo - 2019-12-30 20:39:56 Quote

  • Honestly comparing the three artist is not nice at all... They're all good in their various fields. People that sit and argue about Wizkid and Davido should stop it. Yes, Wizkid has made it international and that's good for him and let's not forget Burna boy.... 

    He has also contributed greatly to the music industry. His album was a hit  

    He is also the only artist that still represents Fela, his lyrics are inspirational and helps to motivate the mind 

    Davido is also a good artist, he has done well for himself and not with his father's money. 

    - Alice Ejeh - 2020-01-09 09:35:21 Quote

  •  I agree that wizkid is better than davido and burnaboy because looking back at when they all started ,anytime you hear wizkid song you must get inspired especially with his voice,wizkid has shot alot of show,looking at o2 at condom,wizkid is the first nigerian artiste to shot it down,almost all artiste in nigeria respect wizkid.

    - Toluwalope sokoya - 2020-01-10 09:41:36 Quote

  • Wizkid is good though but he can't reach level of Burna boy..I'll say him and davido are on the same level...but as for burna boy 'the African Giant' I don't think so ..the second fela..

    All the songs I've heard by burna boy has a lot of meanings..it reflects on our everyday like..like what's happening in our country..

    - Eniola Boboye - 2020-01-11 16:38:54 Quote

  • Burna boy is and will always be my number one favorite musician pop star of all time, up till date. All his songs inspires me when ever i listen to them.

    To me,  i prefer burna boy to be better than the other two(wizkid and davido), though they are very good and can sing, but by mere looking at it, on my on perspectives burna boy rock pass. 

    - Chuka Aneke - 2020-01-14 18:48:56 Quote

  • I would chose burna boy anywhere, he adds meanings to his songs and there's always this positive inspiration you get after listening to the lyrics. Wizkid is still learning, wealth aside. He's always about his money and girls in every song and it's tiring, although I listen to his songs once in a while just to dance but when I listen to burna boy, I stay quiet, now that's a song.

    - Chekwubechukwu Nworji - 2020-02-03 17:57:40 Quote

  • They are all good in their various ways, burna boy is the greatest of all time because he got inspiration from fela and he has received series of award for his choice if music, while Wizkid has gone far internationally, he's making good money and record, when it comes to davido, he's not bothered about who makes more music, what he wants is the money and he has it.

    - Omosanya Mercy - 2020-02-05 12:54:34 Quote

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