Work Vs Job! Reasons To Why I Prefer Work To Job

In Nigeria today, tertiary institutions produces over billion of students annually. 80% of which actually have it in mind getting a job to become successful after school. It is really heart broken when at the end of the efforts just 10% of the 80% were offered employment. Hence, of the 10%, 3% got an offer which worth it, 4% got an offer which is still manageable while the other 3% had no choice to take the offer so as to keep with their daily needs. However, in my own opinion I prefer getting yourself a work instead of a job. Here are the reasons I prefer Work to Job

1. Work: is what you do with your talent, strength, thinking and ability to become somebody. WHILE Job is an agreement made between an employer and an employee to work using his abilities and strength more repeatedly and later be compensated either daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Work is what you do which you have passion for and you are always wanting to do more and more WHILE Job is what you do you might have passion for but you do it just for a period of time

3. Work is an attribute deposited in oneself WHILE Job is a willing to work to be compensated for

4. Work is what God deposited in you to survive in life WHILE Job is an opportunity given by aan employer for you to survive 

5. Work is labour made made WHILE Job is earnings made

6. Work is putting together of potential ability so as to be successful WHILE Job is lending out of your potential ability to be compensated

7. Work is used to get everything in life WHILE Job is a meal ticket

8. Work gives chances of survivor in life WHILE Job is always an employment opportunity

9. Work is everywhere WHILE Job is scarce

10. Work gives happiness and joy which is unlimited WHILE Job happiness and joy is limited to a time.

These are the reasons I have decided to choose Work over Job.

Work makes you somebody, however Job makes you anybody. Always find yourself and be yourself.

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  • You are right. Job don't let us chase our dreams. A lot of people are out there doing white collar job which is not the real area they are specified. The problem also comes from the course we study at school. Studying a professional course will always be a step to chase your dream. A professional course which you think you can established on your own. 

    For me o. I think work is better

    - Sunmonu Tunde - 2019-11-26 09:47:46 Quote

  • Nice one dear. 

    Work is better. It brings out your potentials and makes you know more of yourself you never knew. It makes you realise and define yourself. It keeps you creative and adventurous. These are things that a job cannot really bring out from you because even if you want to bring out your potentials, there are laid down rules and protocols to your job and going against it would bring consequences. Moreover when you use these potentials for your work, you are building your empire and improving yourself but a job would not necessarily commend you or get you where you want or expect to be.

    Work is better than a job

    - Uchechi Amadi - 2019-11-27 06:29:17 Quote

  • Work is what I always want to do after school,  it is very important to know the difference & to know what works for you either you want to be under a BOSS  or you want to be the BOSS by yourself. 

    Although most Nigerians Tertiary Institution Graduates are not prepared for a work but they're prepared for a job which is not good for the economical & developmental growth of the countrymen & the nation herself. 

    - HotYarns TV - 2019-11-27 13:19:35 Quote

  • I love work because it's more convenient for me and it brings out my ability and creativity .it makes people know me for something, I really don't like the idea of working under people like a job cause of too much stress and control and at the end little payment as salary except bigger companies .

    - Oghenevwaire Akpomeoboghene - 2019-11-27 21:57:19 Quote

  • Some of us usually tend to choose job over work without knowing the different between both, but for me i think I'll take work because you're been paid as an employee when you're given a job, but you can be an employer in your own field of work

    - Agu chukwuebuka - 2019-11-28 12:21:50 Quote

  • True, work is better than job in my own opinion, because your talent and potential pays off more and makes one a celebrity, rather been recognize under a company as an excellent staff, thereby promoting the company and your self a little.

    Work is done in your own terms and conditions, rather than being put to agree with your job terms. Your are free to expand in your terms and expense.

    - Otete Efe - 2019-11-28 22:30:05 Quote

  • Especially the work of your hand , it's very very important, the work of your hand will definitely not deceive you,. You become the boss of your self with no one to control and direct you on how to handle it..... In Nigeria you can never depend on your degree...I prefer having your work than job

    - Mary Adejonpe - 2019-11-29 00:58:02 Quote

  • A lot of people out there,move around searching for jobs,especially white collar jobs, without knowing that, they can really make more income  and be independent by establishing on their own without working under anybody/organisation, and even employ workers and create jobs for others. For me, I will say that work is far more better than  job. 

    - wisdom chidiebube Ezekiel - 2019-11-29 12:16:34 Quote

  • You are right. If you work is better than getting a job. in the sense that, you working on your own self business you will have time for yourself and then you can run some other things you needed to do,  but it you got a job with a company as an example you get paid what you are been told already, and most times if you got a job in a far distance, you will have to get up very early in the morning. And if you don't have a car, that's another problem because you will have to be in hurry to stay by the road side to await either bus or company bus, it's not as if you got your own work. 

    - Olasunkanmi Shanu - 2019-11-29 13:02:46 Quote

  • Very true, there's nothing like handwork. You can just graduate and end up disappointed with no job, after spending years in school. This is why I advise young youths to learn something no matter what, because anything can happen anytime. That job you feel so comfortable with might not be there forever. Great post.

    - Daniel Efeurhobo - 2019-12-01 21:07:05 Quote

  • Very very true work is the best as for me after university I'll like to work. Work brings out the best part of you it makes you creative but in job you'll be accustomed to follow the laid down principle which may limit your functionality but if you work infact you'll be forced to be hardworking

    - Aje adeola - 2019-12-05 14:04:47 Quote

  • I prefer work to job because you are free to do any thing u want in your work and it your talent gain by you or skill known by you not job that you will be paid salary by your employer and he will be the one to control you so I prefer work than job.

    - Oyenuga Oyindamola - 2019-12-18 16:13:32 Quote

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