Your Mouth Is The Gateway To Your Body.

Do you know that....
1.The mouth is the Gate way to the body?
2.Just looking into your mouth one can tell the general state of your health?
3. 90% of diseases that affect your body shows signs in your mouth?
4. Mouth odour has a cause?
5. Gum disease can affect your general wellbeing?

Here are a couple of diseases that are traceable to bacteria from the mouth. 

1. Cardiovascular diseases: Bacteria from the mouth when ingested can lead to arteriosclerosis which is the blockage of arteries leading to the heart thereby making blood flow to the heart difficult

2. Erectile Dysfunction: Bacteria from the mouth can also block veins responsible for sending blood to the penile region thereby making it turgid. Due to the blockage, less blood flows thereby causing weak and unsustainable erection.

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Dentist Dennis. 

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  • That's just the basic truth  over 80% of diseases the body encounter is from the mouth and is because the mouth is doing a lot of jobs comply to other parts of the body so special attention should be given to the mouth e.g minding what you put into it

    - Achiever Enahoro - 2019-09-24 10:58:26 Quote

  • This is very excited even for brushing our teeth every day in very important, basically we should watch things we are putting into mouth because the scientists said health is wealth. So it is true that mouth is main gate way into our body .

    - ADELAKUN ISAAC O - 2019-09-26 20:19:34 Quote

  • It is true the mouth is the gate way to the body ,that is the first point of communication when u meet someone. When its turns out bad that impression would go a long way ,sometimes forever .we should treat our mouth with care and seriousness.

    - Christian Onwuka - 2019-09-26 23:25:54 Quote

  • I agree with all through because the mouth is the passage to the stomach where most illness generate from... So if what goes into your mouth is 100% safe then your health will be 80-90% safe... That I am sure of

    - Okpala Obinna - 2019-09-27 00:12:04 Quote

  • It is very exciting even for brushing our teeth daily  is very very important.

    Basically we should be very careful of things we are putting into our mouth because the scientists said health is wealth. So it is true that mouth is main entrance into our body .

    - Iornumbe Daniel - 2019-09-27 06:25:18 Quote

  • Most of the food we diseases we contact is through our mouth.

    The more we eat food that are of small nutrient(undernutrition) or too much nutrient(overnutrition) we're liable to disease.

    The more we intake sugar or starchy foods the more we're liable to diabetes mellitus.

    The more we take in too much of carbohydrates we're liable kwashiorkor and other related disease.

    And the more we take in good and nutritious food the more healthy we are.

    The mouth is definitely the gateway to the body

    - Rosanwo Happiness - 2019-09-27 08:18:47 Quote

  • It is very exciting even for brushing our teeth daily  is very very necessary.
    Basically we should be very sensitive of things we are putting into our mouth because the scientists said health is wealth. So it is right that mouth is main entrance into our body .

    - DOLIPOP DOLIPOP - 2019-09-27 10:27:02 Quote

  • Truly our mouth is the gateway to our body because all the food intake is done through the mouth, after blushing our mouth in the morning we feel very comfortable and happy with our selves but when we don't blush we feel uncomfortable with our hole body

    - Ekerete John - 2019-09-27 23:43:05 Quote

  • The mouth is where life is, what comes in through it is very important. How much we take good care of it is the most important....... brushing it both day and night shouldn't be a issue because early morning siliver could also cause some harm to us , especially to to those  is with ulcer MN 8 km

    - Rebecca Opayemi - 2019-09-28 22:24:22 Quote

  • I am also a medical student, though not a dentist. But you are on point. We have skin, anus, nose, mouth, eyes as portals of microorganisms entery. The diseases they cause also reflects on their portal of entery.

    - Odinakachi Obaji - 2019-09-29 16:48:45 Quote

  • This is true our mouth is the gateway to our body, because the scientist said that health is wealth, they are right because all the food we eat we take it through our mouth,we should be mindful because if it enters our mouth it goes to our stomach straight.

    - Emem Edem - 2019-09-29 18:33:20 Quote

  • I truly believe this article due to a friend of mine who has erectile dysfunction and also mouth odor. I talked to him about it but it seems he depends on his intuition that he's right and nothing is wrong with him. I'm definitely showing him this article to go through. Thanks NNU. 

    - Ugo Manuel - 2019-09-29 22:37:29 Quote

  • I agree with this because not only the mouth we should make sure we are always hygieni because the way we take care of ourselves take says alot about us

    - Olagoke Uthman - 2019-10-01 19:27:19 Quote

  • The mouth is very essential for the efficient running system of the body. When the mouth is clean and germs free then we can enjoy our wellbeing to the fullest. 

    - Mayowa Ogundele - 2019-10-02 20:43:56 Quote

  • Indeed, mouth is a gateway to the body but beside mouth, there are other gateways in which one can be infected with disease through it. Skin is one of the gateways, which allows passage of disease to a one's body. Skin also allows some diseases to come out from a body.

    Beside mouth and skin, nose also plays a role in allowing passages of diseases into a body, especially in it's fluid form or gas.

    - Abubaka Sadiq Adamu - 2019-10-04 21:42:56 Quote

  • Yes, I agree with you. Our mouth is the gateway to our body, not only the getway but the passage to our body. Mouth is like input unit of the computer and our hand as input device. It is what you put in that you will get and it obey the word garbage in garbage out. 

    Our mouth must be kept clean all the time and also be conscious of what we eat always.

    - Omosowon Albert Olurotimi - 2019-10-06 19:46:08 Quote

  • I truly believe that,the mouth is the gateway to the body,whatever that goes to the body goes through the mouth, it's either to destroy or to repair,some of the things we eat like junk food,causes alot of damage to the body through the mouth,and besides,most people eat late night and go to bed with soured mouth thereby causing damage to the teeth.

    - Sarah Okemuoma - 2019-10-09 12:20:46 Quote

  • Sicknesses and diseases will not be our portion, but we need to watch what we put in to our mouth I.e what we eat and to keep to health tips and instructions.

    - Ajala Babatunde - 2019-10-13 15:54:24 Quote

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